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The world of air mattresses is confusing. With so many options and conflicting opinions, choosing the right air mattress can seem like an impossible task.

Based on rigorous criteria and real-world testing, we have researched the market in order to find the top-rated air mattresses of the 2023.

You can find an air mattress for everyday use or a rugged option for your next camping trip in our selection.

Check out our buying guide and detailed product reviews for a more educated purchase. We've even included warnings and concerns, so you can make a fully informed decision.

Avoid a disappointing air mattress experience and invest in a quality product that provides a good night's sleep, without the hassle of frequent patches and repairs.

Take a look at our curated list of the best air mattresses and put an end to sleepless nights.

Quick List

List of Top Air Mattresses
MattressNameWhy?Price RangeDiscounted Price
SoundAsleep ComfortCoil TechnologySoundAsleep Dream Series Air MattressBest Rated Air Mattress for Indoor UseUnder $120Click for more details
King Koil - Best Inflatable Airbed Queen SizeKing Koil Queen Air MattressEditor’s PICK - Best Luxury Air MattressUnder $120Click for more details
Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat PumpInsta-Bed Raised Air MattressBest Air Mattress with NeverFLAT PumpUnder $120Click for more details
Intex Comfort Elevated Dura-Beam AirbedIntex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam AirbedBest Value for MoneyUnder $60Click for more details
Best Inflatable Bed by Fox AirbedsFox AirBedBest Leak-Proof Air Mattress Under $120Click for more details
WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress - Best Air Mattress for SUV/CarWEY&FLY SUV Air MattressBest Air Mattress for SUV/CarUnder $60Click for more details
Coleman SupportRest Plus - most comfortable air mattress Coleman SupportRest PlusMost Comfortable Air MattressUnder $60Click for more details
Lazery Raised Electric Airbed with Built in Pump LED Remote ControlLazery SleepMost Durable Air MattressUnder $150Click for more details
Intex Dura Beam Air Mattress with HeadboardIntex Dura Beam Air Mattress with HeadboardBest Air Mattress with HeadBoardUnder $100Click for more details
Coleman Kids Air Mattress with Soft Plush TopColeman Kids Air MattressBest Air Mattress for KidsUnder $25Click for more details
Aerobed kids air mattress with sidesAeroBed Air Mattress for KidsBest Kids Air Mattress with SidesUnder $60Click for more details

SoundAsleep Dream Series – Best for Indoor Use.

  • 1-click internal pump.
  • Raised Air bed with double height.
  • Extra thick, waterproof, and flocked top
  • 1-year warranty.

SoundAsleep Dream Series is among the top three on our list. It promises a comfortable sleeping experience and is made to last longer.

The SoundAsleep is designed using ComfortCoil technology. It has a firmness level that provides stability. SureGrip bottom prevents sliding. It is a premium raised air bed with dual chamber construction.

SoundAsleep has an Internal patented 1-click built-in pump. It roughly takes around 4 mins to inflate. So no more worries or an awkward situations when overnight guests are waiting for the bed to be set up. A quick setup is all you need in such situations

It has a waterproof, extra-thick flocked top that enhances the comfort level.

SoundAsleep uses a multilayered eco-friendly puncture-resistant PVC adding more life to it. 

Our experience while reviewing was fairly pleasant and we didn't find any issues worth mentioning.

In SMHQ research from past customers, a limited number of customers did find quality issues on using it for a few days but they were extremely satisfied with customer service and support provided by the company. In some cases, the company even replaced it with a brand new one to avoid any delay.

Warning: The company mentions in the manual that the warranty will be void if it is used daily instead of a traditional bed. It is for sporadic usage only with a maximum cap of 2 months of continuous use. An actual mattress or a good futon for daily usage is explicitly mentioned as a recommendation in the manual.

TOP PICK: King Koil

  • Quick inflation option.
  • Flocked bed.
  • Built-in pillow.
  • Quilt top for extra support.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Flocked bed.

King Koil is the overall best air mattress on our list. As per our experience and review, if budget is not a constraint, this is what should be in your shopping cart.

It has some practical features which provide the unmatched comfort you might be looking for. It has a built-in pillow or pillow rest and a quilt top to support your spine. So no more back pain.

The air bed is equipped with coil-beam construction and an integrated pump for easy inflation. It also helps you have the desired firmness by varying the inflation. The company has also added patch kits in case you accidentally puncture your bed.

The inflation time is quick and approximately around 2 minutes. This is almost half the time of its competition. It is intended for both indoor and outdoor camping trips.

The suede top prevents the sheet from slipping but it can be a challenge to clean the top.

Insta-Bed Raised Mattress

  • NeverFLAT Pump.
  • Fast inflation with auto shut off
  • Welded coil construction.
  • Carry bag.

We tested a few NeverFLAT mattresses but this Insta-Bed was ahead of most of them by a good margin. NeverFLAT is known for its technology to retain inflation.

The primary pump of the twin inbuilt pump system provides the desired firmness. The sleeper can choose between plush, medium, and firm.

The secondary pump keeps a check on the desired air pressure. It silently, without interrupting your sleep, maintains the pressure throughout the night. Hence your air bed never sags in the night

Insta-bed is constructed with 35 circular coils with welded verticle and horizontal enforcement for extra support and comfort. It has a suede top so that you have a fitted sheet on the bed.

With an approx height of 19 inches, getting in and out of bed is quite comfortable. 

One of the strongest points is its construction which is a key factor in providing comfort and the second is its two-pump system. They are surprisingly silent and help in maintaining the pressure.

WARNING as on manualThis product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Intex Dura-Beam Blow-up Mattress – Best Value for Money

  • 22-inch in height.
  • In-Built Pump
  • Flocked air bed.
  • Fiber-tech construction.
  • Weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.
  • Carry Bag
  • Budget-friendly.

The Intex dura beam provides the best value for your money. It is extremely well-priced (under $60), inbuilt pump, and has good construction quality.

The first thing that struck our mind as soon as it got inflated was that “it is a tall boy”.

The Dura-Beam air bed is around 22-inch which is taller than any average air bed in the market. This is certainly made getting into bed easier.

It takes around 4-5 minutes to inflate. Optionally you can inflate with a manual pump as well.

The entire dura-beam series uses patented fiber-tech interior construction. It uses thousands of support beams made up of polyester fibers. It keeps it lightweight and still provides strength as well as durability.

Another noticeable feature is the velvety sides apart from the plush dual air pillowtop. Velvety sides make it a bit puncture-resistant.

Fox AirBed – Best Leak Proof

  • Sturdy bed – Thick vinyl, I-Beam Coil and Side Chambers.
  • Powerful built-in air pump.
  • True queen size.
  • Best for indoor & outdoor.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Less bouncy.
  • 1-year warranty.

Fox airbed is one of our favorites from our list. This is again a plush high-rise raised blow-up mattress.

The construction is the prime reason it is expected to be leakproof. The airbed uses one of the thickest quality vinyl (0.60mm instead of 0.40mm). It has side chambers that provide good edge support and prevent sagging.

Internally it has i-beam coils for extra support even if it is being used by a couple. The height is 18-19inch approx. It has a pump for easy inflation and an optional pinch-in valve for quick deflation or manual inflation.

The pillow-top has a top with air chambers for extra comfort and reduces the bouncy feel. Although we tested the queen size but is also available in twin size, full, and king sizes.

Update: A few of our readers cross-checked with us if the top has memory foam. We want to clarify that there is no memory foam top.

Wey&Fly Back Seat

  • Double-sided flocking.
  • Heavyweight load capacity.
  • Multiple inflation modes.
  • Electric Air Pump.
  • Repair Kit.
  • Carry Bag.
  • Weight capacity is 500 lbs.

If you love car camping, your camping kit will be incomplete without a good SUV air mattress. We tested three air beds and we found that the We&Fly suited best to your camping sleep.

It does not matter if you have a mini-vanFord ExplorerFJ Cruiser, or my personal favorite Jeep Wrangler. We&Fly will cater to all your needs and is better than a sleeping pad.

It has multiple inflation modes to suit and accommodate your needs. Apart from 100% inflation, it has 60% and 40% inflatable levels as an option. Different scenarios demand sizes and this is the one you need.

It has an environment-friendly PVC, cold-resistantbreathabledouble-sided corduroy top. It has an I-shaped design to help its usage by two people of different weights.

It can handle ambient temperatures anywhere from -13F to 122F (-25C to 50C). With a size of 15.6×10.1×5.6 inches and its unique folding design, it can be accommodated in most cars and SUVs.

Coleman SupportRest AirBed – Most Comfortable

  • Raised Airbed with Pillow Stop.
  • External electric pump included.
  • Leak-free AirTight system.
  • Storage bag.
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs.

We could not find an alternative to beat the kind of comfort Coleman provides. It is extremely comfortable and gives you a close to regular mattress experience

The external pump is of good quality and being an electric one is faster than any battery-operated pump. It has a double-high height for easier getting in and out. With a higher weight capacity of 600 lbs, it is also a good option for heavy people.

Coleman has pros and some cons as well. It comes with an external electric pump only. So things can be tricky if you are outdoors or the electric plug is not nearby. The pillow top isn't high. It is merely useful in stopping the pillow to fall and cannot be used as a pillow. 

WARNING as on manual: This product can expose you to Di(2-Ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to 

Lazery Sleep – Most Durable

  • Heavy-duty taller air mattress with internal air coils.
  • Includes electric pump.
  • 7 firmness settings via remote.
  • Weight capacity up to 500lbs
  • 1-year warranty

The airbed can easily be categorized as dependable feature-rich and durable. It is the only blow-up mattress we reviewed that has seven firmness setting and are accessible through wired remote control.

We loved changing the firmness while lying. It is convenient as well as helps you decide the firmness more accurately.

It is made up of 40 individual air coils with an extra thick waterproof top. The internal design has dual air chambers to provide better durability and long life.

It takes under 4 mins to inflate. For safety, the pump has an auto-shutoff feature. It is quite portable once inflated and shifted to a carrying case

Additionally, after using it the entire night, it did not show any signs of sagging or losing air.

Note: The remote control provided is a wired remote.

Intex Ultra Plush Dura-Beam Inflatable Mattress with Headboard

  • Built-in headboard
  • 18-inch Raised Airbed.
  • Fiber-tech construction.
  • Plush PillowTop surface.
  • Internal pump.
  • Carry case.
  • Weight capacity up to 600 lbs.

You may be looking to buy an air mattress for guests who would be lounging or need back support. Intex has got you covered.

This one belongs to Intex's dura-beam series. The dura-beam advantage includes patented fiber-tech construction. Thousands of polyester fibers make up each support beam. All the support beams help in extra durability and support.

It is lightweight and comfortable

Coleman Kids Air Mattress

  • Supports up to 300 pounds(lbs).
  • 57x27x6 inch in size.
  • Plush top.
  • Pump not included.

Coleman has coil construction for better support and comfort. The top surface is velvety and soft so that kids have a better sleep. This can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the construction quality and size.

The only con with this one is the absence of a pump. It reduces its cost without compromising quality. It can be a good choice if you already own one.

AeroBed Kids Air Mattress with Sides

  • AC pump.
  • Side cushion.
  • Heavy-duty PVC

Aerobed is designed specifically for kids aged 4 years and above. It features a 4-inch high surround cushion to safeguard children from falling off the bed.

The construction quality is excellent and is made up of heavy-duty PVC with electronically welded seams. Expect it to last long and be highly durable. 

It is slightly shorter than a twin bed. The dimensions of the AeroBed are 50x25x10 inches. It is convenient to inflate and deflate with the help of the pump provided. It takes under 1 minute to inflate or deflate.

The AeroBed has also included a mattress pad for added comfort and to attract children with star and moon designs.

Things to Consider While Buying an Air Mattress

Buying an air bed is a relatively cheaper option than a traditional mattress. The coating can be as low as $40-$45 but before we jump into the cheapest option or the most luxurious one available on Amazon. We urge our readers to make an informed choice.

We are listing some buying considerations you need to know before you press the order now button. Let us explore each factor one by one.

Purpose: Start with choosing the purpose of your purchase. Air beds are frequently bought as extra guest beds or for camping. We have seen a lot of customers ready to use them every day. All these are very specific requirements and even the top-rated ones wouldn't cater to all.

Material: You might be surprised by so many options available right now. The resistant material and the construction hold the key to its longevity. For daily usage opts for a heavy-duty one and for camping – a lightweight one would enhance your camping experience.

Pump Type: Opt for one with a built-in electric pump rather than a manual pump. Buying an external one can be more expensive and cumbersome. Also, look for a bed with a lower inflate time.

Waiting for the bed to gain its fully inflated form for 15 mins can be annoying. Some self-inflating options auto-fill the air when there is a drop in the air pressure. All this without even making the sleeper realize while it is pumping air.

Price: It may be the cheapest bed option but based on our review we strongly recommend keeping a decent budget for your purchase. The cheaper options have some cool features on paper but the comfort level will be far from satisfactory. Even a budget air mattress for indoors should be $50 onwards.

Warranty & Customer Care: While they are put through stringent quality checks, there may be an odd (unlucky) case that will need a warranty for repair or even a replacement. We recommend buying one with a good warranty period. Do check the history of customer care of the brand. Average customer service dampens your spirits to avail warranty.

During our customer service research, we encountered some renowned older brands that lacked enthusiasm. Go to the extra edge and call customer care and see how they deal with your queries.

Best Air Mattress for Heavy Person

There are some key factors you need to be mindful of if you are overweight or a heavy person. Some of these suggestions may seem minor or might even get overlooked, but they will make a significant difference to your sleep.

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind.

  • Appropriate height: It should not be too low as it may lead to difficulty in getting in and out of bed.
  • Pump Style: Opt for an integrated one to inflate. Manually inflating it can be a task.
  • Quality: Always pick a good quality, heavy-duty air mattress. A cheaper one is high on maintenance and you will end up dumping them sooner than you would want.
  • Weight limits: Make sure you check the maximum weight limit and that it suits your requirement. Usually, this limit varies between 300lbs to 500lbs

Choosing a Pet-Proof Air Mattress

Thinking about your pet in a room with an air bed can cause you some anxiety. As a dog or cat lover, choosing a pet-proof blow-up mattress will be a top priority. 

Choose a heavy-duty mattress with thick PVC/Vinyl along with keeping nails clipped can ensure longer life.

Our recommendation for the best pet-proof air mattress will be Sound Asleep or Lazery Sleep Air Mattress.

Which is the Best Air Mattress for Side Sleepers?

The story for side sleepers may not be as rosy as it is for other mattress types. The side sleepers generally have to select one with the right construction. Side sleepers need to make smart adjustments so that the pressure points at the shoulder and hip areas are covered.

You need to look for a sturdy option that can hold its optimal firmness. It should not sag or lose firmness around the hip area.

The neck support is critical on a flat and firm bed so the role of the pillow and its positioning becomes more important for side sleepers.

How do Air Mattresses prevent bedsores?

Air mattresses are known to be effective in preventing bedsores and ulcers in comparison to regular mattresses. They help in providing distributed pressure across the body while you are sleeping.

The main cause of sores is the continuous pressure on certain parts of the body that comes in contact with the bed. A standard mattress exerts around 120mmHg pressure when you are in bed for a longer duration.

It is also important to note that skin moisture along with pressure also plays a role in creating ulcers.

How to remove air bubbles from an Air Mattress?

Often a hole in an air mattress can lead to bubbles. If the air bubbles are not removed they can damage the air bed. Hence it is important to remove air bubbles as soon as you notice them. The bulge can be removed easily by following the steps below.

  1. Press and hold the bubble down.
  2. Squeeze and try to push it out of the nozzle.
  3. Remove the air from the bubble.
  4. Add more air into the bed until it is firm again.
  5. Screw the nozzle tightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Thoughts

Selecting a perfect mattress can be a challenge and it becomes more confusing when the internet is filled with the best of the best lists. An effort has been made to find reasonable and some of the top-rated air beds available online.

We urge our readers to find your primary reasons for purchasing and select one from our list based on your expectations. The list has been curated with care and each one is worthy of owning. And we can be sure, you won't regret buying any one of them.

Happy Shopping!

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