How to Make Air Mattress More Comfortable?

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Today we are sharing some tips to make an air mattress more comfortable if you think they are not close to a real bed. If you are planning to buy an air mattress head over to our list of top air mattresses right now.

A good air mattress takes care of your comfort but it comes with a price. It is the cheaper counterparts that are with barebone features and cost-cutting wherever possible, need more attention. You don't want to use such air mattresses for sleeping everyday.

So can you make an air mattress more comfortable?

Don't worry if you already bought an air mattress without fancy frills. You deserve a good and comfortable sleeping surface whether you are using it daily or for a night.

We are listing a few tips to step up your overall sleeping experience on an air mattress. 

7 Proven Tips to Make Air Mattress Comfortable.

Temperature Regulation

Air mattresses are cooler mattresses. The air tends to cool down and thereby making your nights colder on an air bed. They need to be insulated well so that you can stay warm in an air mattress. Certain brands have a thicker plush top or pillow top to make the inflatable mattress comfortable and insulated.

Also, make sure you are using deep-fitted bed sheets or use a bed sheet holder if required. They go a little oversized in dimensions than the one intended. The sheets, if slipping can lead to tossing and turning.

Use a Topper on an Air Mattress

Another tip to insulate and make your air bed plush and comfortable is to use a topper. If you already have a thermal mattress topper, it could be a good option but buying a $100 thermal topper for a $50 blow-up mattress does not make sense.

Sleeping on PVC can be a bit uneasy and never comfortable. Add a topper with a well-fitted sheet. This combination is one of our top recommendations to enhance comfort.

Keeping Air Mattress Inflated

The air mattress tends to lose air and deflate a bit by design. There are some models available that keep the mattress inflated to the optimum level by pumping air automatically.

The budget-friendly options lack this feature. If the mattress sags a bit it can be uncomfortable and may lead to back pain. Back pain is the biggest danger of sleeping on an air mattress if it does not have the required firmness. It is recommended to check and inflate the air mattress properly before sleeping.

Alternatively, if you are heading for a new purchase, buy an air mattress with a built-in pump.

Softer surface for an Air mattress

The air mattress vinyl material will make a squishing sound when it comes in contact with a hard surface. The sound will disturb your sleep throughout the night. Use a mat or a rug between the mattress and the floor.

This tip will help you to silence a squeaky air bed.

Elevate your Air Mattress

Getting in and out of a mattress on the floor can be cumbersome at times. Elevating your air mattress by putting on a bed frame or a box spring will give an appropriate height to the bed. So getting into bed or out of bed will be a breeze.

These days there are a lot of air beds on Amazon with 18-inches or more to counter this problem.

Create a Headboard

The headboard is advised for any bed. It prevents your pillow from falling off the bed. If the pillow is suddenly falling in the middle of a deep sleep, it can disrupt your sleep cycle. 

The placement of air mattresses against the wall can create a temporary headboard. Some people psychologically feel secure when one side of the bed has a wall. So go ahead and make a headboard for a cozy sleep on your air mattress.

Right Pillow

Sleeping on an air mattress cannot be a reason to sleep without a pillow or an improper pillow. An uncomfortable pillow may lead to neck stiffness or stiffness in back muscles.

Choose your pillow wisely for a comfortable sleep.

Is a Foam Mattress or Air Mattress more Comfortable?

A foam mattress is more comfortable than an air mattress to sleep on. If you are in a colder region, you cannot sleep without insulating the air mattress. Air mattress does not retain body heat and you feel cold sleeping on them. On the other foam mattress provides better support to the back and is warm.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right mattress for a night of comfy sleep is an art. The air bed can be a viable option for a good night's sleep. If you have ended up with a cheap air bed, follow the above steps to make an air mattress more comfortable. Consider it as a part of the preparation of your bed.

Blow-up mattresses are a good yet cheaper option for your guests. Prepping up the bed will give them a cozy sleep without investing in a traditional space-consuming bed.

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