Best Cheap King Mattress

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Do you know most people do not consider sleeping as an activity?

When we sleep for 8 hours, we hardly remember anything that happens during that time. Sleeping is often considered “unproductive work” because we don't accomplish anything while asleep.

But this is far from the truth.

It is a proven fact that a good night's sleep can be directly correlated to the comfort of your bed.

As much as we enjoy the comfort of our bed, it is impossible to replace it without considering all our personal needs before purchasing a new mattress.

In addition, body type plays a significant role in choosing a mattress. It is often overlooked in favor of fancy features you may not even need or do not suit your sleep style.

In this article, I will provide you with cheap mattress options that offer the right combination of features and price. My intention is to share a list of affordable mattresses without sorting them by price or size.

The price varies depending on the mattress' construction and material. As we move into the budget range, manufacturers tend to cut costs in order to keep the price of your box spring affordable.

There are so many brands and products available today. When it comes to finding the best mattress available for their needs, it can be difficult and confusing. Adding a price constraint makes it even more challenging.

Cost-cutting can lead to some compromises in quality or features, so be smart and selective about what you compromise.

I will suggest you to plan your purchase so that you can get good deals when there is a seasonal sale on mattresses or you buy them online.

I have few other lists with plenty of cheap, budget-friendly mattresses that are under $200, but that doesn't mean they are of inferior quality.

Towards the end of the guide, I have discussed cost-cutting and compromises in more detail. So make sure you check the guide thoroughly

As of 2024, I have tested close to 100 budget mattresses of different firmness levels for different listicles on my site. As a team we have been able to identify a few manufacturers who produce reliable products at a reasonable price.

Here is the well-researched list we shortlisted for you. It is followed by comprehensive reviews of each mattress to help decide the best affordable mattress available in 2024.

List of Cheap King Size Mattresses
MattressNameTypePriceDiscounted Price
Cheapest King Size LinenSpa MattressLinenspaHybrid MattressUnder $200Click for more details
Zinus Green Tea Mattress King SizeZinus Green TeaMemory FoamUnder $300Click for more details
Nectar King Size MattressNectarMemory FoamBest King Mattress Under $1000Click for more details
Lucid-Hybrid-King-Size-MattressLUCIDHybrid MattressUnder $500Click for more details
NOD By Tuft Needle King Size MattressNod by Tuft & NeedleBed In A BoxUnder $500Click for more details
Signature Sleep Memory Foam King Size MattressSignature Sleep FlexMemory FoamUnder $300Click for more details
Sealy bed In a box King Size mattressSealyMemory FoamUnder $500Click for more details
Zinus Ultima InnerSpring Cheapest King Size MattressZinus UltimaSpring MattressUnder $300Click for more details
Casper Essential Best Cheap King Size MattressCasperAll FoamUnder $1000Click for more details
Olee Sleep Blue Memory Foam Mattress King SizeOlee SleepMemory FoamUnder $500 & Best Deal on King Size MattressClick for more details
Modway Aveline Affordable King Size MattressModway AvelineMemory FoamUnder $500Click for more details

Mattresses at Glance

Zinus Green Tea$270+Pressure ReliefOdor issues
Cooling (average)Firmness Issues
Casper Element$850+Well madeHeat retention can be an issue
Supports all Sleeping PositionsSlightly sinking feel.
Pressure ReliefExpensive
PrimaSleep Wave$290+Good SupportSlight Off-gassing
Better Durability than othersFiberglass
Good Motion IsolationSlightly Firm
Linenspa Hybrid$260+One of the CheapestStrong off-gassing
Good Motion Isolationdoesn't last long
Nectar$900Very comfortableExpensive
Support all sleeping positionsSome motion transfer issues
Lifetime warrantyOff-gassing
365-night sleep trial
LUCID (Bamboo)Pressure reliefAverage construction quality
Overall value for money
Nod by Tuft & Needle$530+Plush sleeping experienceAverage support at the lower back
Long-lastingNot firm
good cushioning
Signature Sleep Memoir$500+Ideal Medium-firmMay sag over time
12-inch profileOff-gassing lasts for over a month
Good contouring
Sealy 8″ Memory Foam$699Good for couplesNot ideal for hot weather.
Pressure reliefOff-gassing
Zinus Tight Top$250+Good supportNot for heavy sleepers

Quick Reviews

Zinus Green Tea – Best Cheap King Mattress under $300

Zinus Green Tea Mattress King Size
Pressure-relieving with good motion isolation & edge support.
CertiPUR-US certified
Medium Firm
100-night trial & 10-year warranty

Sizes Available: Twin, Full, Queen size, Short Queen, King, TwinXL, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

The Zinus green tea mattress is available in four options of varied thicknesses. It is available in 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

The 8-inch mattress has three layers of memory foam. The top layer is 2-inch memory foam, the middle layer is 2-inch pressure relief high-density foam. The last layer is 4 inches in thickness.  It forms a high-density base support foam.

It has a layer of memory foam infused with green tea extracts and ActivCharcoal. The green provides a fresh and odor-free experience. The charcoal particles absorb moisture.

Firmness (feel & experience):

I tested both 6 and 8-inch profiles and they are both good. However, the major difference is in the feel that both models provide. As the thickness increases, it becomes softer.

Hence you will find the 8-inch mattress is a bit on the softer side but it provides more comfort due to its additional layers of cushioning.

Its comfort foam provides good support and relieves the body of pressure generated around the shoulders and hip area for side sleepers.

When I slept on the back I found that the foam molded to my body shape and contours. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining the natural sleeping posture of the body, as it doesn't put any extra pressure on the neck and spine.

Thus, providing support to the areas that need it most. This reduces pressure points and improves blood circulation.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

As it is an all-foam mattress with a top layer of memory foam so the motion isolation is good. Your partner will hardly feel any movement while you move in and out of bed.

The edge support is adequate. You will feel comfortable sleeping on the edge or you sit on the edge changing your shoes.

The Zinus is compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box. The free shipping is timely and by FedEx.

They do offer a 100-night trial and a full refund.

Casper Element

Casper Essential Best Cheap King Size Mattress
10″ two-layered all open-cell foam mattress.
Good support at the shoulder and hip areas.
Removable cover.
CertiPUR-US certified
10-year limited warranty & 100-night trial period.

Sizes Available: Twin, Full size, Queen, King, TwinXL, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

It is sold with 10″ thickness and is ideal for someone looking for a good cheap king-size mattress in 2024 from one of the reputed brands in the US.

Brands often rebrand ans change names of their existing models. Earlier it was sold under the model name “Casper Essential”. But now it has been improved with proprietary AirScape breathable foam and rebranded as “Casper Element”.

As you unbox the mattress, it gives you a good first impression when you lie down on it. It provides a soft feel, slight bounce, and comfort. It's top layer has an open-cell structure that helps in dissipating body heat effectively.

The base has a durable foam that provides good body support. It reinforces and supports the entire body without any sinking issues. It is a high density foam that is supportive and lasts without any sagging issues that you may face in cheaper brands.

The foams are CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified. That's another plus point for Element.

Firmness (feel & experience):

I used Casper Element over a period of 5 days. Here is my experience.

It is medium-firm for back sleepers and supports the lower body very well. You will wake up fresh and relaxed. The top layer also relieves pressure from the shoulders and neck region.

One of our team member who sleeps on his side was equally satisfied with the support and comfort. The memory foam layer contours the natural curves of the body of side sleepers, supporting the shoulders and hips which eventually relieves pressure.

Overall the medium-firm feel will provide a good balance of support and comfort for most side sleepers by keeping their spines aligned and cushioning their joints.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

Being all foam mattress, as expected the motion transfer is negligible. My co-sleeper is a light sleeper and she has a habit of tossing and turning in the bed but I hardly noticed any movement in the night.

I expected little more as far as the edge support is concerned. The edge support is average but sitting on the edge for an average weighing person may not be a big issue. If you like to sleep on the edge then you may look for other options on our list.

Returns: There are some easy return options is available both on Amazon as well as Casper. But if you buy directly from Casper, they will pick it up free of cost even from upstairs. However, if you buy from Amazon, you should keep the box until you are not sure about keeping the mattress

PrimaSleep Wave

PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress
10-inch All Foam Mattress.
Gel Infused Memory Foam.
Pressure Relieving.
One of the Cheapest Yet Quality Mattress.

Sizes Available: Twin size, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

Let us take a brief look at the 3-layer construction. The top layer is a memory foam infused with “Igel”. It is designed for temperature regulation to keep the body cool. The base of the mattress is HD foam which adds stability and durability to the mattress.

Firmness (feel & experience):

Three team members including me from our review team tested this mattress. It is softer to sleep on and works with most sleeping positions. However, it is bit too soft for stomach sleepers and will not promote spinal alignment.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

It scores well on motion isolation. Edge support is above average but it may not be a deal-breaker for most sleepers.

What We Didn’t Like:

PrimaSleep has fiberglass and is generally an issue with most budget options. The same is the case here. But if you don’t remove the cover then it is something that can be ignored. This is the reason it does not come with a removable cover.

Overall it is recommended for most sleepers for its sheer sleep quality at this price.

Linenspa Queen Hybrid Mattress Under $300

Cheapest King Size LinenSpa Mattress
Medium Firm
CertiPUR-US certified
10-Year Warranty

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Short Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

Let me start with a disclaimer Linenspa as a brand is one of the best sellers in the budget category. This model is one of the fastest selling in their lineup.

It has a hybrid design which comprises four layers. The topmost layer is the cover with quilted conforming memory foam with a soft feel. It helps in relieving pressure.

The second layer comprises a 1.5-inch comfort layer of polyurethane foam.

The third layer is a thin felt pad to provide insulation from the last layer of steel coils. The last layer is a 6.5-inch tempered steel coil which acts as a support for the mattress and offers some bounce like traditional innerspring mattresses.

Firmness (feel & experience):

With a jaw-dropping price tag, this is the cheapest mattress under $300 with some incredible value attached.

As we slept on it for 3 nights, we felt it has a firmer foam. All the three team members felt medium-firm to firm feel. It is a perfect fit for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

If you prefer a softer sleeping surface then you should avoid this.

The hybrid combination of foam and coil provides good support as well as a hug without the dip in feel.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

Since the springs used in the mattress are noise-free, you can move around and turn without disturbing others.

Although it does not provide complete isolation from motion transfer. You will notice some motion transfer but three team members who tested the mattress had no complaints. So it is not that would bother most of the co-sleepers.

The edge support is average.

When you sit on the edge, it sinks in a few inches; you won't fall, but it won't feel comfortable for a longer period. You will have to re-adjust yourself.

Nectar – Best Affordable Queen Mattress under 1000

Nectar King Size Mattress
Good motion isolation & edge support.
Medium Firm
CertiPUR-US certified
180-night trial.
Forever warranty.

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

The top layer of the 12” Nectar is the 1″ cover made up of layers of gel memory foam and Tencel™. The second layer is a semi-open premium gel memory foam with a 1″ thickness. The 3-inch third layer is adaptive memory foam. It provides effective pressure relief.

The fourth layer is a 6″ breathable foam base layer which provides the foundation for the mattress. The fifth and last layer is a bottom cover which helps in keeping the mattress in the correct place.

Firmness (feel & experience):

I had a used Nectar for couple of days and found the mattress to be medium-firm. It suits all kinds of body types and sleep positions with good lumbar support. The gel memory foam is effective for hot sleepers and does get rid of body heat generated to some extent.

If you are used to sleeping on a spring mattress, you are going to miss the bounce. The body does not provide a typical sink-in feel common in memory foam mattresses.

The side sleeper reviewer had no issues sleeping on Nectar and did not mention any standout experience either using it for 5 days.

The back sleeper had used the Nectar for 8 days and felt comfortable from the first night itself.

Nectar provides good support and contouring. It is rated high on sleep quality as well as on spine support.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

Nectar provides acceptable edge support but excels in motion isolation. Motion isolation is one of the highlights of the mattress. There have been complaints about edge support, particularly after long usage of the mattress.

LUCID infused with Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera

Good edge support.
Luxurious flame-resistant cover.
Medium Soft.
CertiPUR-US certified.
100-night trial & 10-year warranty

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

The Lucid is 10 inches in thickness with six layers. The first layer is primarily a soft, breathable, flame-resistant breathable cover made with Tencel™ lyocell blend which is effective in controlling moisture. It provides a nice layer of air between your body and the mattress.

The second layer is a 1.5″ memory foam with particles of bamboo charcoal. It absorbs moisture and odor helping you wake up fresh and happy.

The third layer is a 1-inch transition foam infused with aloe vera. It has a calming effect on you which gives you a more relaxed sleep.

The fourth layer and sixth layer are 1″ each of support foam for the coils' base layer.

The fifth layer is the 5.5″ base of the mattress. It has encased steel coils that provide support and pressure relief to the key areas of the body.

Firmness (feel & experience):

I used Lucid for 3 night and found it amazing to sleep on. It provides a plush feel and I rate it as medium-firm with slightly on the softer side. The overall feel is plush but it should not be mistaken as soft.

The base has encased coils that provide a slight bounce. Traditional innerspring bed sleepers will be able to relate to this easily.

In our review and past customer experiences, we found most of the sleepers happy shifting to this bed. When you sleep for a few days, it does feel softer than a regular bed, without any sinking issues. As you get use to of sleeping surface, it feels close to medium-firm.

The side sleeper team member felt okay with support around the shoulders but felt a little tired around the hip region in the morning.

The stomach and back sleeper did not report any issues for this model.

It provides you with a good experience at an affordable price.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

The motion transfer is minimal but don't expect it to match a memory foam product. The encased steel coils sandwiched between support foam seem to be working efficiently in isolating motion transfer.

The edge support is surprisingly good in this price range. On compression, the bed does a good job of holding you in place.

Nod by Tuft & Needle – Best Budget Mattress on Amazon

NOD By Tuft Needle King Size Mattress
8″ Amazon Exclusive All-Foam Bed.
Cheapest Tuft & Needle mattress.
Sleeps cool and provides a bounce.
Firm feel.
CertiPUR-US certified.
100-night trial & 10-year limited warranty.

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

Tuft & Needle has many models to choose from but as we are a budget, I decided to pick, Nod, the most affordable bed by them. Nod comprises two polyurethane foams. The top layer is a 2.5″ T&N polyfoam comfort layer and the base is a 5.5″ polyfoam support layer.

The cover is a typical bed-in-box removable cover with good-quality polyester. It is recommended that you avoid machine wash of the cover.

It is advertised to be on the cooler side but in my testing I didn't find it performing better than with any standard cooling gel-based memory foam. Although we didn't find it hot but I was expecting to perform better on cooling front.

The foam is an open-cell foam that is definitely helping in the free flow of air.

Firmness (feel & experience):

During my testing period, the Nod performed well. It is a firm yet comfortable mattress. Nod is quite responsive and supports your body nicely. I found the experience better than the regular memory foam mattress in this segment.

Our testing team of four slept on Nod for 4 to 5 nights. The two back sleepers find it extremely comfortable to sleep on and one stomach sleeper had a similar sleeping experience.

The side sleeper tester weighs around 210 pounds and was also happy with the bed but a person with heavy shoulders or hip region may not find it as supportive as well as light weight sleeper.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

Motions isolation is excellent. The mattress compresses but regains its original form. You can freely move in and out of the bed without disturbing your co-sleeper.

The edge support is above average and good enough to support you if you sleep on the edge.

Signature Sleep Memoir

Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam King Size Mattress
Follows federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633
Breathable & good motion isolation.
CertiPUR-US certified.
10-year limited warranty.
No trial period.

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

The Memoir is a four-layered all-foam mattress with a soft polyester knit cover. As the name suggests, the upper layer is gel-based memory foam with charcoal infused into it.

The charcoal has the property to absorb moisture and odor that helps you sleep fresh.

The foam has grooves that help in good airflow that remove excess heat and provide relief in summer. It has a structure that helps in regulating the body temperature while you are sleeping.

Firmness (feel & experience):

It is medium-firm thanks to the support provided by the base that holds and provides comfort. It has a snuggly, soft top layer, but does not make you feel like you're sinking into it deeply.

You will feel it a little firm if you are switching from a soft or a mattress with a little plush feel.

My overall experience along with other sleepers types was average. Our side sleeper reviewer was able to use it only for 3 nights as it wasn't providing sufficient support to shoulders or lumber region.

The back sleeper and stomach sleeper did not complain about any specific issues but the overall experience was still rated as average.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

The Signature Sleep Memoir has a waterfall-edge design that absorbs most of the movement in the bed. You can come in and out of bed without disturbing the sleep of your partner.

It scores well on edge support and above-average motion isolation.

Sealy 8″ Memory Foam Bed In A Box

Sealy bed In a box Affordable King Size mattress
Adaptive foam with good conforming.
Superior removable cover.
Good motion isolation.
CertiPUR-US certified
10-year warranty
No trial period.

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

The Sealy is a popular mattress brand and this model uses 8″ all-foam for its bed-in-a-box mattress. The upper layer is a 2″ premium adaptive memory foam. It adapts to your body shape and provides relief to pressure areas. It gives you a “sink-in” mattress feel without feeling stuck.

The base is a 6-inch high-density polyurethane foam that promotes airflow and acts as a support for the bed.

Firmness (feel & experience):

In our team testing, it faired well and should suit all kinds of sleepers. It has a medium-firm feel due to polyurethane base that provides support and the feeling of holding the body. The memory foam provides softness and comfort to the body.

Initially, the mattress did take a couple of days to fully expand. So that was a bit unexpected from a big brand.

It scored well in terms of shoulder and back support for side sleepers with 8 hours of average sleep time on 5 days.

Back sleeper tester was also be happy with the back support but sleepers making a shift from a firm traditional bed may feel like sinking into the bed. But they will eventually feel comfortable in 7 to 10 days.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

It provides minimal motion transfer as expected from memory foam mattresses. The edge support is good due to the all-foam design and low thickness.

Zinus Tight Top

Zinus Ultima InnerSpring Cheapest King Size Mattress
Viscolatex foam with good conforming.
Good motion isolation.
CertiPUR-US certified
10-year limited warranty & 100-night trial period.

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

The Zinus Tight Top has a poly jacquard cover with a micro-fiber quilted fabric. The base has 6″ pocketed coils that provide strength to the mattress and support to the body.

Over the top of the innersprings, there is a good quality 0.5″ high-density foam.

The top two layers comprise 1.25-inch high-density foam for quilting followed by 2.25-inch viscolatex foam for conforming the body curves.

This is a good mattress for overweight people who are anywhere between 250 – 450 pounds each.

Firmness (feel & experience):

After reviewing and testing for few days, I can be categorize it as medium-firm to slightly firm. My overall sleeping experience is good as it provides good support and comfort. Zinus aligns well with the spine and does provide a pressure-free experience to the sleeper.

My team member who is a back sleeper and one who sleep on the stomach found it comfortable and supportive. On the hand, lightweight side sleepers will not face issues but an average side sleeper will notice a lack of support.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

The motion isolation is above average but the edge support is good.

Past customers have given feedback that the return process has not been smooth.

Olee Sleep 10″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep Blue Memory Foam Mattress - Cheapest King Size Mattresses
Excellent in keeping Body Cool.
CertiPUR-US certified
10-year warranty
No trial period. Only 30-day return policy by Amazon

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

The Olee Sleep has three layers of foam plus a base support foam. The top layer is a 1-inch “I Gel” memory foam which helps in keeping your body cool. I found this feature quite good compared to other mattresses with similar gels but at a higher price range. It is one of the highlights of the mattress.

hot sleeper temperature heat map

If you are a hot sleeper, this can be a serious option if you are on a budget.

The second layer is a 1-inch thick soft memory foam with 8 ILD. The third layer is a 25 ILD convoluted foam with a 1-inch thickness.

The base is a 7-inch high-density foam that holds the mattress

The cover is a knitted one, which is attached to the blue bottom. It is 93% polyester and 7% spandex.

Firmness (feel & experience):

After testing I find it medium-firm. But it may give slightly firm feel depending on your last long-term mattress.

The company recommends 72 hours for the complete regaining of shape including off-gassing. But individuals who are sensitive to off-gassing may find it to be completely free from the smell in 6 to 7 days.

It is an above-average performer for all sleeper types and given its price, it has faired well in our tests.

It provides good comfort and support. If you consider the price after discounts, it is one of the best cheap king mattresses on our list.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

It sinks around 2 inches but regains its position if you move. As the sink is not deep, your partner won't notice your tossing and turning. Hence the motion isolation is good.

The high-density base ensures good edge support even if there is a dip of around two inches by soft foams.

It scores well on edge support and minimal motion transfer.

Modway Aveline – 6″ with Gel Infused Memory Foam

Modway Aveline Affordable King Size Mattress - Cheapest King Size Mattresses
One of the cheaper mattresses.
Follows federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633
CertiPUR-US certified
10-year warranty
No trial period. Only 30-day return policy by Amazon

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Construction & Structure:

It is available in three thicknesses 6, 8, and 10 inches. My recommendation will be to go for 8 or 10 inches but as we are looking for inexpensive king-size mattresses so we opted for a 6″ version.

It has two layers of foam. The top layer is 1.5″ gel-infused memory foam and the base layer is 4.5″ responsive foam.

In my testing I found that the support on a thicker version mattress is better than this 6″ mattress.

The top layer is conforming and keeps you cooler as it is infused with cooling gel. It is an open-cell foam and is quite breathable. We did not notice any sweating or waking up at the night due to the heat.

The base foam is only 4.5 inches but it is quite good in support.

The cover with a zipper is stretchable and has diamond patterns for aesthetics.

Firmness (feel & experience):

It is a medium-firm mattress.

However, we found it to be comfortable and pressure-relieving in our period of testing. We tested mattresses with two back sleepers and two side sleepers in our team.

None of them complained any soreness in the back or in any joints.

Although it takes a few days to off-gas, we did not notice any smell after a week.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support:

Motion isolation and edge support are above average and acceptable. I did not notice co-sleeper getting in and out of the bed while I was asleep.

There is a decent amount of edge support, and you can comfortably sit on the edge even though it sinks a little bit.

Things to Look for in an Affordable or Cheap Mattress

1. Density of Foam

In any mattress, regardless of budget, this is the top concern for us. Mattress prices vary significantly depending on the quality of the foam used. Foam properties such as density, ILD, and pricing are determined by the properties of the foam.

Foam with a low density is cheaper and therefore of lower quality. Considering this factor, most manufacturers keep an eye on mattress pricing.

ILD and recovery time are also important factors related to density. In order to determine the firmness of foam, ILD ratings are used. A foam's recovery time is how long it takes to return to its original shape after being compressed.

There are usually multiple layers of foam in mattresses. To figure out the quality, check the ILD ratings of each foam used in the mattress. You'll be able to tell if it fits your comfort level based on the firmness offered.

In a mattress, the combination of different foams determines its overall feel and comfort. In order to choose the right mattress, we need to pay close attention to which layer of foam has been compromised for quality.

The core of the mattress provides support. Polyurethane or some other foam is usually used, and if the density is lower, it means the material used is of cheaper quality. While it will ensure price checks, it may not be as durable or last long as others.

2. Springs

Hybrid mattresses often use coils for core support. It is here that a lot of companies save money.

There are two types of spring systems for mattresses: open coil and pocket spring. Traditional innerspring are open coils. Pocket coils, however, are more expensive and better than open coils.

Another factor that affects the price is the gauge of the coil. A coil's thickness or gauge determines its durability and support.

In general, the gauge ranges from 12 to 15. The lower the value, the thicker the coil. A coil with a gauge of 12 will be firm, and this is the minimum we recommend.

A consumer may not understand the strength of the base based on the manufacturer's specifications.

It is recommended that an average king-size mattress has 800 coils. It is possible for a budget king mattress to have fewer coils than a luxury one. As a result, the firmness and strength of the system will be affected, resulting in sagging issues earlier than expected.

It can be tricky to figure out the right combination of coils and gauges. Having a gauge of 12.75 and a very high number of coils, for example, is not the best option since it will wear out the top comfort layer.

3. Certification

Any mattress, regardless of budget, must be certified. Obtaining certification will ensure that the material used is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

If it is not certified, what you see may not be what you get. It is essential that the material used is free of harmful chemicals. Getting inhalation or skin contact with something that can be toxic is not a good idea.

At the very least, most mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. Certification by any reputable nonprofit organization will give you peace of mind.

4. Off-Gassing

You should insist on no off-gassing regardless of your budget. The mattress releases a chemical smell when it is first unboxed.

The majority of consumers believe that off-gassing is toxic. There is no truth to this. There may be an unpleasant smell for a few people, but it may not be caused by a toxic release.

A foam that is certified by CertiPUR-US will not release toxic substances.

There is a possibility that the mattress you're about to purchase has harmless off-gassing. There may be some off-gassing, but the off-gassing will wear off within a week if the manufacturer uses CertiPUR-US-certified foams.

Additionally, not everyone is sensitive to smell, so it depends on the individual and may not be an issue for most people.

5. Warranty

The budget options will all have a shorter warranty period or a limited warranty.

Make sure you read the warranty terms and conditions before clicking the buy button. It is important that you know what you are getting into if you are going to avail of a warranty.

Take note of the pickup cost if you need to repair or replace the vehicle. There may be no point in buying this warranty if it is too expensive.

6. Durability

The last one on our list is the biggest compromise and differentiator. In general, products and services that fall under the budget category are not as durable as those that cost more.

If you save on price, however, you will lose out on longevity. It is not our intention to discourage you or set you up for an inferior product. Getting a product within your price range without sacrificing too many features requires playing smart and being selective in compromises.

Invest in a more durable product than others at a similar price. You should get the best value for your money.

There is a tendency for an affordable mattress to sag sooner or later. The density and quality of the foam are important factors, as mentioned above.

It is possible that they will age faster and show signs of wear and tear. Also, pay attention to the quality of the cover, the fabric, and the stitching.

Do you save any money when you buy online?

Yes, the cost involved in running those businesses is reduced when you buy online since you eliminate a few middlemen and stores. There has been a massive shift in the last five years. Brick-and-mortar stores are losing customers to online channels.

You can often get a discount when you buy online from many manufacturers because they pass the savings on to you. Selling online and doing away with physical stores made this possible.

Guide: How to Decide Budget for a Cheap King Mattress?

Choosing the cheapest option on the market does not seem viable right now. As we have done in the past, we update our recommendations if we find a mattress worthy of sharing.

There are three major price blocks on our list: priced under $1000, priced under $500, and priced under $300.

Here, we'll outline a strategy for you to determine a budget range. This will help you decide which mattress is right for you.

The following are the most important factors to consider when deciding your budget.


How long do you intend to use the mattress?

If you intend to use it for a long time, say more than 5 years. Consider extending your budget and picking the best king-size mattress under $1000 on this list.

Definitely, it will be packed with quality and features that won't allow any room for compromise.

A mattress under $300 will last a couple of years or so and then you will need to invest in a new one.

Which room?

Are you planning to buy this for your master bedroom or guest room?

Since guest room mattresses are rarely used, they will last longer. As a result of low usage, a bed costing $500 will last longer.

The master bedroom is where you sleep most of the time and will be subjected to more stress. If the material is sub-par, it will wear and tear prematurely.

Who will use it?

Is it going to be a young adult's bed or a person who is on the heavier side?

The weight of an individual who weighs more than 230 pounds will exert more pressure and stress on the mattress than that of a teenager who weighs way less and will probably move out in a few years.

Therefore, you should consider this when choosing your next king mattress.


It is important for you to consider the above three questions in order to choose a material that will be best suited to your needs.

Depending on your requirements most of the options will be hybrid beds. Look out for specifications pertaining to the foam density, the coils, and the overall strength of the core of the mattress as we discussed above.

We understand that pricing becomes a prime concern when we are looking for affordable options. We researched extensively to list down mattresses based on features offered, quality of material, and pricing.

Although we would recommend buying a mattress under $1000 if you cannot match the price go for an under $500 mattress.

Final Thoughts

We all feel intimidated when it comes to buying a mattress. Our first thought is “I don't want to make the wrong choice!”.

If you decide to buy online, you are sure to get the best price.

In brick-and-mortar stores, only a limited number of brands are displayed. You may feel a sense of security when you make a purchase through the traditional way of buying a product in a store.

Nevertheless, we have all heard stories about consumers who bought the wrong mattress because of a wrong recommendation.

An underlying reason for choosing a bad mattress is a lack of knowledge and a trusted source of information. We're sure we were able to address both of them.

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