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Suppose you along with your family or friends plan an exciting backpacking trip. Or you plan for a picnic in the woods.

When the sun sets and night begins where will you sleep. It is not at all easy to sleep in a car or your SUV/Minivan on a sleeping pad or sleeping bag.

This is when arises the need for a best sleeping cot. It is the best alternative to traditional camp beds on which we sleep. These camping cots make sure you do not compromise on your relaxing sleep even if you are outside.

You may have the best and most comfortable mattress at home but being out for camping may lead to restless sleep.

We have curated a unique list containing the best cots available in the market and their distinct qualities that make them so brilliant

List of Best Sleeping Cots

Reviews of Top Sleeping Cots

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad

  • Thick foam sleeping surface for excellent comfort.
  • Steel frame for durability.
  • Compact in size and lightweight and therefore can be easily stored in cars and used outdoors.
  • 1 Year limited warranty.

Our top pick for the Best Sleeping Cots is the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot. With many satisfied past customers and brilliant Amazon customer ratings, Coleman ComfortSmart Cot carries a legacy of delivering brilliant quality which has been testified by many users.

The reviews of this product speak for the exceptional quality Coleman provides with its cot. Our verdict is no different. Hands down, Coleman ComfortSmart Cot has emerged as the market leader by providing durability, comfort, and most importantly- value for money.

People using it outdoors have praised it to unmatched levels and the customer service by Coleman is widely appreciated as well. The 1 Year Limited Warranty is also provided to ensure customers are protected against any damages.

Why You Should Buy It?

Comfortable: Coleman ComfortSmart has a foam surface that provides relief to the back and relaxing experience for all users.

Durable: The cot can easily support weight up to 300lbs and has a steel frame. This makes sure that the cot is extremely durable and can be used over many years.

Customer Trust: Customers feel secure because of the 1 Year Limited Warranty and can blindly trust Coleman ComfortSmart Cot.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Limited Edition with Patented Pivot Arm Camping Cots for Adults, LE-85" x 40" x 19", Black

  • Easy to set up because of the revolutionary Pivot Arm Technology.
  • Easily supports weight up to 600 pounds and has an extremely strong Steel S-Leg Assembly.
  • The tight sleeping surface makes sure that the sleeping posture remains accurate even when used outdoors.
  • Can be easily folded and stored or transported.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Feature loaded and extremely easy to use is our TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot. This cot might be a bit overpriced, but it is true to every penny you spend on this. Providing some top class and unique features that are generally not present in other cots, TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot is bound to provide you an experience like no other.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot lives up to its price tag. The features are not at all complicated and provide unrivaled comfort. The best part is that this cot can be set up easily by just pushing a lever. The Lifetime Limited Warranty ensures that consumer trust is maintained.

Why You Should Buy It?

Convenience: TETON Outfitter XXL Cot is easy to use and can be easily set up as well. A Storage Bag is also provided to make sure this cot can be easily stored and transported.

Comfortable: Since the sleeping surface remains sufficiently tight, it can be used on rough surfaces with no problem in relieving the back.

Durable: The cot has Steel S-Legs that provide durability and combined with the lifetime warranty for any manufacturer damages, TETON provides 5 Star customer service.

Alpcour Folding Camping Cot – Deluxe

Alpcour Folding Camping Cot – Deluxe Collapsible Single Person Bed in a Bag w/Pillow for Indoor & Outdoor Use – Ultra Lightweight, Comfortable, Heavy Duty Design Holds Adults & Kids Up to 300 Lbs

  • Polyester fabric to provide a comfortable sleeping surface.
  • Can be easily folded up in 5 steps and stored or transported.
  • An innovative feature of providing a large organizer pocket along with soft matching pillows.
  • It’s extremely lightweight yet easily supports weight up to 300 pounds.
  • 1 Year Unlimited Warranty.

One of the most durable and specially designed for outdoor purposes is the Alpcour Folding Camping Cot. It is preferred by many for camping and backpacking activities and provides great features.

This product receives fairly positive responses. It provides excellent comfort and also makes sure that it can be used over many years because of the strong and sturdy construction of this cot. Many people have recommended using this cot specifically for camping or backpacking. It is extremely convenient to store and can be folded up easily as well.

Why You Should Buy It?

Convenience: Since the Alpcour Folding Camping Cot can be easily folded up, it is suitable to be used for outdoor purposes without taking much space.

Comfortable: The product comes with padded pillows for neck and head support to make sure the user receives a beautiful sleep.

Durable: The product has a sturdy built. It also comes with a 1-year unlimited warranty.

Coleman Trailhead II Cot

Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot

  • Pockets provided for convenience and storage.
  • The polyester fabric is tear-resistant and of top quality.
  • The Steel-X Frame is extremely durable and the cot can easily support weight up to 300 pounds.
  • Convenient folding and easy storage and transportation.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.

A different style of the cot is the Coleman TrailHead ii Cot. It is extremely comfortable and affordable too. It is designed specifically to comfort the adults and therefore, is the best portable sleeping cot.

Coleman TrailHead is liked specifically by adults and its innovative design attracts a lot of customers. Another major reason to purchase this is its affordable price. No other firm provides such brilliance at such a low price. Many customers have recommended it for continued usage over many years.

Why You Should Buy It?

Innovative: The design is comparatively different but Coleman Trailhead delivers sheer comfort and ease of usage.

Convenience: The cradle can be easily folded and is extremely portable.

Value for Money: At such a low cost, a customer not only receives a quality product but also gets 1 Year Limited Warranty.

KingCamp Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot

KingCamp Folding Bed Camping Portable Cot with Carry Bag,Support Up to 264 LBS

  • The top is angular and raised which ends the need for a separate pillow.
  • Sturdy Steel legs along with triangular construction for sufficient strength and weight lifting capacity up to 265 lbs.
  • It is highly durable as it uses 600D double layer Oxford Fabric.
  • A storage bag is provided with the package for portability and storage.

One of the Best Camping Cots is the KingCamp Strong Stable Bed Cot. It is recommended by many specifically for outdoor activities such as camping and backpacking.

Available in praiseworthy vibrant color options, KingCamp brings in the sleep you need. Customers can choose from Grey, Blue, and Green. Side pocket versions are also available which allow customers to store their valuables such as phones, wallets, etc. while they sleep on the cot. 

The cot is extremely easy to set up but a small fraction of customers find the headrest a bit unwanted addition.

Why You Should Buy It?

Beautiful Design: The cot is available in many color options and the triangular structure increase the aesthetic quotient of KingCamp Strong Stable Bed Cot

Durable: The fabric is highly durable and the Steel legs make sure this cot is used for many years.

Versatility: This bed cot is suitable not only for camping purposes but can also be used in our daily lives.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up in Seconds

  • The unique off the ground sleep shelter makes sure the user gets the ultimate comfort which is generally missing in traditional bed cots
  • One of the best cots for sleeping as it has more headroom and space because of the top cover.
  • It sets up easily and comes with a storage bag as well.
  • It can be converted into a lounge chair.
  • Heavy Duty 190T Nylon fabric is used

Another innovative and USA manufactured bed cot is the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot. This is highly attractive as it has a tent over the cot and hence makes sure the user doesn’t feel cold in winters.

This cot is our choice if you are looking for the best camping cot. It has the charm and elegant looks that will enhance your camping or hiking experience. 

Many users have also applauded Kamp-Rite Tent Cot for the unique feature of converting this to a lounge chair. People have remarked this as a new and durable camping cot, however, it's not preferred for daily sleeping.

Why You Should Buy It?

Innovative: The tent design makes it perfect for camping or other outdoor activities.

Portable: It can be easily stored and is very easy to set up as well.

Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation / 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel Frame / Underbed Storage, Narrow Twin, Black, Regular

  • Size is 14 inch along with 13 inches under the cot storage space
  • Distinct from others and ends the need for the traditional spring and box bed frame
  • The material is Steel which ensures durability
  • Use of SmartBase headboard is suggested along with the cot for improved comfort

One of the most minimalistic and affordable portable sleeping cots for adults is the Zinus Shawn SmartBase Mattress Foundation. The design has been kept very simple while the USP of this cot is its sturdy structure and durable frame.

The reviews are quite positive and the low price makes this cot attractive to a large customer base. People have applauded the Zinus Shawn SmartBase Mattress Foundation for its simple and effective design along with the durable steel material used. 

Why You Should Buy It?

Durable: High-quality steel is used which makes sure you have a continued worry-free experience for many years.

Trustable Customer Support: Zinus has delivered sheer brilliance when it comes to customer service. The 5 Year Warranty provided along with this cot makes sure the company takes care of any damage.

Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table

Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot

  • Small Side table along with Cupholder provided for convenience.
  • The steel frame that supports weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Carry Bag provided in the package for storage and transportation.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Coleman has attained expertise in designing Best Sleeping Cots and Best Camping Cots. These amazing cradles are available for customers having distinct budget constraints. Another such cot is Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table.

This is one of the best sleeping cots for camping available in the market. It is extremely affordable and comfortable as well. The material used is of the best quality while the looks are sufficiently decent. 

The side table adds to the convenience of the user. Many users have also remarked that Coleman Camping Cot requires almost no assembling. 

Overall, this is a great cot specifically for outdoor purposes.

Why You Should Buy It?

Convenience: This cot is extremely easy to set up and can be stored in the carry bag provided.

Durable: The steel frame is extremely durable and makes sure the user faces no problems. 1 Year Warranty is also provided to make sure the customer has a hassle-free experience if he faces any damages.


Byer of Maine Easy Cot, Extra Large, 78L X 31W X 18, Heavy Duty, Holds 330 Pounds, Folding Cot, Cot for Sleeping, Comes with Carry Bag, Easy to Assemble, Ideal for Guest Bed, Camp Cots for Adults

  • One of the best cots specifically for adults.
  • It can easily support weight up to 330lbs.
  • Easy to setup.
  • 5 reinforced panels increase the durability of the cot and protect the fabric from wear and tear.

BYER OF MAINE has a well-established brand value and enormous consumer trust. The Easy Cot by BYER OF MAINE is a valuable addition to the pool of top-class quality products, this firm offers.

Set up is very easy and since this is portable it can be stored in the carry bag provided and carried for camping or hiking activities  

The users recommend this specifically for adults because of its extended size and high weight lifting capacity. BYER OF MAINE Easy Cost has been aptly priced as well making it affordable for all.

The reinforced panels are an innovative feature that makes sure you use the cot continuously over many years. For easy transportation, a sack with a shoulder strap is provided as an accessory.

Why You Should Buy It?

Innovative: The distinct features such as extended size and reinforced edges make for a valuable product.

Durable: You can blindly purchase this if you wish to have a large size camping cot.

Consumer Assurance: The company provides a 30-day return period as well which allows you to return the cot if it doesn’t match your expectations or needs.


DESERT WALKER Camping cot, Outdoor Bed Ultra Lightweight Bed Folding Camping cot,Suitable for outdoes,Family use,Backpacking and Camping (Army Green)

  • It is Ultralight with a weight of just 2.8lbs.
  • It uses Oxford Fabric which is exceptionally comfortable.
  • Aluminum rod is used that can easily support up to 440 pounds of weight.
  • Extremely easy to assemble and use.

Last in our list of Best Sleeping Cots is the Desert Walker Camping Cot. Boasting of being extremely lightweight still supporting enormous weight, this is one gem of a product.

This is a very delicately produced product and is the result of great quality workmanship. People love the ease in using Desert Walker Camping Cot because of its low weight and the convenient setup procedure. A carry bag adds to the convenience of storing and carrying this camping cot.

Why You Should Buy It?

Easy to Use: It is very easy to use, store and set up this brilliant camping cot.

Premium Quality: The fabric and the rod material are top notches. It makes sure this product gives a comfy and stress-free experience to all users for many years.

 What is Sleeping Cot?

We face a lot of trouble when we do not get a relaxing sleep during adventurous activities like hiking or camping. It is practically not possible to travel with the heavy mattresses and sleep on them.

A cot or cradle is an accurate substitute for a bed. It is highly portable, compact, and comfortable at the same time. Many prefer them over the air mattresses.

Cots are specifically used for outdoor activities but may also be used for daily naps or even sleeping sometimes. They do not have a mattress but a fabric sleeping material such as nylon or Oxford Fabric.

They are also known as a foldable cot and they have sturdy legs that can easily support the weight of an adult. People use these cots for many activities like camping, backpacking, school trips, or even in their homes for extra guests or emergency sleeping.

Guide to Buying a Sleeping Cot for Newbies?

Sleeping pad and sleeping bag is a standard choice for many but for a relaxing sleep, we recommend a sleeping cot. There are many cots available in the market and the toughest part is that these cots range from as low as $40. 

It is not at all easy to purchase the accurate cot that can suit your requirements at the minimum cost. Remember the following precautions before buying the best sleeping cot to make sure you face no trouble after your purchase:

  • Fabric is the deciding factor for your comfort level. Cots are available in the material of nylon or polyester. But an innovative oxford fabric is in high demand these days. Do not consider buying material like canvas as these are heavy and cannot be easily used when traveling.
  • The quality of the cot frame and the weight lifting capacity decides the lasting life of the cot. Majority of the cots have steel legs but more durable and lighter aluminum frames are also available in the market
  • The shape of the legs is available in two structures- U Shape and X Shape. U shape legs support underneath folding and also help in proper weight distribution. On the contrary, X Shaped are highly preferred as they provide unmatched comfort and brilliant durability.
  • Quality Assurance plays a key factor as well as your budget. Cots are available with a warranty and hence it is preferred to purchase those that have a certain period of warranty for easy resolution of any defects or damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an Oxford Fabric used in sleeping cots?

    Oxford fabric is generally used in dress materials but for camping products, it is used for making cots and tents. It has a unique weaving which makes it more durable and strong. It feels like cotton but is waterproof and much lighter than traditional canvas used in camping products. It dries quickly.

  2. Can I use a Mattress on a Sleeping Cot?

    You can put a mattress on cots, however, the bulky mattresses must be avoided as an excessive weight on a cot can be detrimental and even lead to the collapsing of the cot legs.

  3. Which is the Best Sleeping Cot for Guests?

    Cots are generally used for outdoor activities, however, if you wish to buy a cot for emergency guests then you can purchase the Zinus Shawn Cot or Coleman Trailhead Cot.

  4. Which is the Best Co-sleeping Cots?

    Our list doesn’t include co-sleeping cots however you can purchase Oenbopo Baby Lounger or California Dreaming Portable Co-Sleeping-Bedside.

  5. What is the best option for Sleep-in while camping?

    The best camping cot according to our experience and usage is our table-topper Coleman ComfortSmart Cot. It is exceptionally comfortable and offers the best at such an affordable price range. It comes with a warranty as well and durable steel legs. This makes it the most sought-after cot and our personal favorite when it comes to camping cots.

Final Thoughts

A Cot is an extremely useful piece of furniture. It is highly reliable and can be of enormous use when used for outdoor purposes. Sometimes you may even use it for indoor purposes like guests or naps.

Before buying the dream cot for you, do go through our reviews for all the products and then make an informed decision. Our buyers' guide makes sure you do not falter and only purchase what is best.

Lead Researcher at Sleep Mattress HQ

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