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Can a Firm Mattress cause Back Pain?

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Yes, a firm mattress can cause back pain in many sleepers. It is a general perception that a firm surface is better for the overall health of the back. Although it does work for certain sleepers it is not true for everyone.

A firm mattress should be a default choice assuming it will provide the required support to your spine. Taking inspiration from the internet, people end up investing in a firm to extra firm mattresses.

Only a chiropractor or orthopedic doctor can recommend if a firm mattress is best suited for you. 

In most cases, a firm bed does not provide contouring to your body and the spine is under continuous stress. It leads to back pain and muscular-related issues in your back.

Like a too soft mattress can cause back pain as it makes your body dip into the bed similarly a firm mattress can create pressure points around your body curves.

A medium-firm mattress is suited for most sleeping positions as it has the right balance of softness and firmness that helps in spinal alignment.

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