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How do You Make Love in a Split King Bed?

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There is a preconceived notion about adjustable beds are for elderly people but the reality is many folks in their 20s and 30s buy split king beds for the extra comfort and features. The different firmness requirement of the partners is one of the biggest reasons they want to buy a split bed.

The couples with active sex life assume that split king adjustable bed will hamper their love life. There are a few things that are of valid concern

  • The gap right in the middle of the bed can be problematic.
  • Fear of split king mattress sliding or separating.
  • Hardwood floor or something similar can make the bed slide more.

The above reasons are areas of concern but they can be handled effectively. It is also important to understand joining two beds together vs an adjustable bed will have a different experience. But here are some hacks or tips to make a split king bed better for sex.

  • Buy a good adjustable bed.
  • Using a king-size mattress topper is effective for couples who love to cuddle and in making love.
  • Straps work better for box springs rather than adjustable beds.
  • Use a quality split king gap filler provided both sides are at level.
  • A bed bridge pad can be an option if you have two twin xl beds combined together.
  • Use all the above options.

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