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How to Make Mattress Firmer

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Last week, we received an email from one of our readers.

“Hey Susan, I love my plush bed but now my mattress is sagging. How can I make my mattress firmer?”

We always have an option to replace the mattress if it is under warranty. A sagging mattress can also be a sign of an aging mattress but

Are you ready to buy a new mattress?


Do you want to make an existing mattress firmer?

Let us explore ways to bring new life into an uncomfortable mattress and make the bed firmer for better sleep.

1. Make Changes in Bed Foundation:

Every mattress type has unique bed foundation requirements. There are many countries where using a flatbed foundation is the norm. A hard foundation generally works for all types of mattresses.

Bed foundation or bed frame to make bed firmer

Replace the old bed frame with a firm bed frame or you can place a plywood board between your existing bed frame and the mattress. This can do wonders for a sagging mattress.

2. Firm Up a Memory Foam Mattress:

This tip is helpful for readers using all memory foam mattresses. Memory foam does not go well with warm temperatures. The memory foam tends to make the bed soft in a hot environment. 

Firm Up a sagging Memory Foam Mattress

We advise you to lower the room temperature by a couple of degrees. The cooler rooms make a memory foam mattress firmer.

3. Use a Mattress Topper:

A mattress topper is a solution to many problems in your existing mattress. They rejuvenate life into a dying mattress.

A mattress topper tends to be more beneficial when you have a pillow top or box spring mattress. The worn-out springs lose the capacity to hold the mattress.

There are a wide variety of options to choose the type of mattress topper. If you are a hot sleeper, choose a cooling mattress topper, it will make the mattress harder and will solve your night hot flashes.

Avoid buying a soft mattress topper instead, pick up a topper with dense foam so that it will make the bed firmer.

Although the mattress topper will fix the sagging memory foam mattress we will still recommend fixing up the bed frame as well if it is not stable.

4. Mattress on the Floor:

Sleeping on the floor may not be a long-term solution but can be a quick and inexpensive solution if you are stuck with a soft bed for a few nights.

Putting a mattress on the floor provides a firm base for a soft bed that helps in providing comfortable sleep.

5. Damp Mattress:

The mattress favors absorbing dampness where the air is humid throughout the year. Any moisture retention can lead to a soft mattress. We recommend putting your mattress in direct sunlight or placing it in the open air for some time. It will eliminate moisture and can make the mattress harder.

6. Flip the Mattress:

Overuse of the mattress from one side can lead to sagging. So it is a general recommendation to flip and rotate the mattress for even wear and tear. And if it is an old mattress, flipping the sagging side can be helpful. It is important to understand that you cannot flip every mattress so make sure you check the mattress instructions before flipping.

Tips on How to Make a Hotel Mattress firmer and Comfortable?

The above tips will help you make your mattress firmer but they won't help you if you are stuck with a soft bed at the hotel

Before you start looking for ways to make a hotel mattress firmer, call up the reception, and ask for a room change. Most of the time you won't have to make tweaks to the mattress and the hotel staff will help you out with mattress or room change.

Also, many luxurious hotels have options for the guests to choose the pillow and mattress type as per their needs. So do ask for your specific needs.

But there will be still some situations, where you will be stuck with an uncomfortable mattress in your hotel. Here are a few tips that will help you with a good night's sleep.

  • Call housekeeping and ask for extra bedding, blankets, or comforters and use them on the soft areas of the mattress.
  • Check if they have a mattress topper or a thin floor bed. It can be used to make the soft bed harder.
  • Alternatively, ask for extra sheets and place them on the sagging area beneath your sheet.
  • Extra towels can also be handy to fill up the sagging area of the mattress if nothing is available.

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