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How to Stop a Mattress from Sliding

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To stop the mattress from sliding you need to have friction between the mattress and bed frame. Lack of adequate friction is the reason why your mattress keeps sliding. Generally, the bed with a headboard and footboard is immune and adequate to keep the mattress from sliding. 

A sturdy and stable bed is a prerequisite for restful sleep. Your mattress might be old but buying a new mattress will be the last option on your mind if your mattress keeps slipping off the frame. There are some proven DIY methods we tested to stop the mattress from sliding.

Let us look into the factor that leads to the mattress sliding issue.

Reasons Why Your Mattress is Sliding

Lack of Friction

As we discussed in the beginning, the inherent issue is the lack of friction between the mattress and the bed surface which leads to sliding issues. The lack of friction can be due to a variety of reasons.

Wrong Bed Frame or Mattress Size

When buying a mattress or bed frame adhere to the standard and accurate sizes. At times a gap of an inch or so can lead to an unstable mattress. It may not look like a big deal while buying but can cost you a compromise on sleeping comfort. 

Whenever you are buying the mattress or bed frame, ensure that there is no extra space between the edges of the mattress.

Flat Platform Beds or Metal Frames

Platform beds are truly flat and the mattress resides on top of the bed frame surface. There is no railing support for the mattress. Even a half-inch of the side support from all sides is sufficient to hold the mattress in place. 

It keeps the placement of the mattress on the metal frame surface rather than on the top. The slat metal frames usually tend to face the sliding problem as the metal does not provide sufficient friction and the missing side support for the mattress enhances the problem.

Old Dirty Mattress

As the mattress gets older it tends to get dirtier and the surface that collects the dirt makes the bottom of the mattress surface slightly harder. The old dirty surface gets smoothness and thereby reducing friction. The mattress begins to slip easily.

Proven Methods to Stop Mattress from Sliding

Ideally, you should not be facing any of the above reasons. But if you already facing issues then let us look into some easy DIY solutions to stop the mattress from slipping.

Non-Slip Pad or Rubber Pad

Just like we use rubber padding on furniture feet to prevent it from slipping on the floor, a similar technique can be used on the bed frame surface. 

Use a non-slip pad or a rubber mat to add friction between the frame surface and the mattress. It is one of the easiest and most effective methods to keep the mattress from sliding on the bed frame.

Make sure you use thin padding and of an appropriate size. It can be a slight issue for hot sleepers as the matting or pad can prevent the mattress to breathe effectively. If this method does not suit your requirement then the next few options will be equally effective without trapping the air and heat in the mattress.

Anti-Slip Tape

This is one of the cheapest and most effective methods we can recommend. Use a quality anti-slip tape on the surface of the bed frame and the sliding issue will magically disappear.

These anti-slip tapes are way better than regular duct tape and are made for preventing any slipping issues. Opt for a quality anti-slip tape like those from 3M. They provide good results and do not spoil the surface if you want to remove the tape. The cheap anti-slip can leave marks if you remove the tape.

Velcro Strips

All you need to do is go to your nearest art and craft store and buy some velcro strips. 

Stick them strategically on the corners and sides of the mattress. Putting on the sides makes it easy to accurately align the hook (rough) and loop (soft) of the velcro strips. 

If the hook and loop don't attach properly then the mattress won't hold on and may slide. Again the quality of the velcro strip is of prime importance to keep your mattress glued to the bed.

For bigger sizes like king and California king, you may need to put additional velcro strips on the slats of the frame. A little bit of an experiment on the number of strips will get you going.

Clean Your Mattress

Regular cleaning of the mattress is essential for your sleep hygiene. Make sure you vacuum your mattress from both sides to keep it dust and debris free. The bed frame and box spring tend to accumulate dust and reduce friction, leading to mattress sliding. 

Although vacuuming may not fully stop the mattress from sliding but it does help and is a good practice to vacuum every three months.

How To Stop a Mattress Topper From Sliding

The mattress topper is no different for the reason it keeps sliding from the mattress. Inadequate friction leads to mattress topper slipping. Most of the good brands use relevant material beneath the mattress topper so that it does not slide. 

Here are a few tips to stop the mattress toppers from sliding.

  1. Safety Pins: The use of safety pins is the go-to best bet to fasten the topper with the mattress. Most of the time it will solve your problem. If not then check out our other options.
  2. Avoid Soft Mattress Cover: Inadvertently we end up using a soft cover on the mattress and it reduces friction between the mattress and the topper. Remove any mattress cover or protector with a soft, shiny surface.
  3. Velcro Strips: A good quality Velcro strip will be as beneficial in holding on to the topper as we discussed above in the case of the mattress.
  4. Anti-Slip Tape: A good anti-slip tape can be a good option to keep the mattress topper from sliding.
  5. Thin Rubber Mat or Non-Slip Pad: Use a thin rubber mat between the mattress topper and mattress but we mentioned earlier in the article we are not a fan of this method. It can lead to warming up your bed as the mat will trap the air and heat from the body.
  6. Stretchable Bed Sheet Holders: The stretchable bed sheet holders can be an option but in our opinion, they are a little cumbersome to manage and maintain. They tighten the sheets and hold the mattress topper with the mattress to some extent. Invest in good quality holders for a longer holding life.

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