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MOLECULE Sheets Review

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Are you a hot sleeper and always looking for products that help you sleep cooler?

Our MOLECULE bed sheet reviews are going to help you decide the best bed sheet for hot sleepers. It is time to wake up fresh and happy. And it is possible only if you buy the right products for a night of better sleep.

MOLECULE has some renowned athletes as brand ambassadors who claim to use MOLECULE products as it provides good sleep as well as faster recovery.

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Let us explore why MOLECULE bed sheets are right for you. 

Here are some highlights of molecule sheets that you need to know if you hate full lengthy reviews.

Molecule sheets are made up of thermal regulating – TENCEL™ Lyocell.
Airy and absorbs moisture better.
Wrinkle resistant.
Available in two options: Percale and Sateen to your sleeping needs.
Available in four colors – white, ivory, powder blue, and cloud grey.
A deep pocket option is available for extra thick mattresses (up to 17 inches).
OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified.
30 nights free trial.
Slightly expensive.
No warranty.

The MOLECULE sheets are available in two options, Percale and Sateen. Both are similarly priced and you can select one based on the feel preference. The MOLECULE sheets are designed in the USA and manufactured in Bahrain. Please note that the price of both options may vary after our added discounts.

We recommend you look at the detailed review and observations on each sheet in the next section.

MOLECULE Percale Sheets Review

The percale sheets are generally known to be crisp and soft. The Molecule percale sheets are nice and give a silky feel to touch. The sheet has a matte finish due to its plain-weave of threads. It is an elegant 1 over, 1 under weave.

The combination of plain-weave and TENCEL™ Lyocell makes it lightweight and airy. This is a perfect sheet for summers especially if you sleep hot.

The molecule percale is a blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell ( 48%) and cotton (52%). The thread count of the sheet is 300.

The Tencel has a special property of absorbing moisture and keeping the sheet dry and fresh. The TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber is derived from Eucalyptus and other trees' wood pulp.

As the moisture gets absorbed and does not allow any moisture on the surface. This discourages the growth of bacteria.

The MOLECULE Percale is sold in a set that contains one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two envelope pillowcases. The individual sheets are not sold separately but standalone pillowcases are available to buy.

The Percale is available only in a standard deep pocket of up to 13 inches.

Observation: This is your ideal sheet for summers for all types of sleepers. In our experience, we found it on the soothing side. Our expectation was more from Molecule Percale but it would not stop us from recommending to our readers. We should also understand that the individual experience of factors like airy and comfort in summers do vary from person to person. But it stands out when compared to some other traditional cotton sheets.

MOLECULE Sateen Sheets Review

The MOLECULE Sateen performance sheets are equipped with Air-Engineered™. The Air-Engineered™ is a proprietary technology by MOLECULE. It is used in all their products including both the bed sheets Percale and Sateen.

The Sateen sheet is thicker and has a silky satin-like feel due to its weave structure. It is four over, one under sateen weave. Like Percale, the MOLECULE Sateen is a combination of TENCEL™ Lyocell ( 48%) and cotton (52%) with a thread count of 300.

The Sateen is very similar to its properties to Percale. It also has temperature regulating and resistance for bacterial growth. The Sateen is an all-season sheet that can be used throughout the year.

The MOLECULE is again sold in a set with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 envelope pillowcases. Unlike Percale, the Sateen is available in both standard (up to 13 inches) and extra deep pocket depth ( 14-17 inches).

The extra-deep sheets are available in white and ivory in queen and upward sizes.


We reviewed Sateen after Percale and it is difficult to say which one we liked the better. Both the sheet are perfect.

The Sateen has a satin silky feel which gives you a personal feel as you touch. Honestly, the feel is inviting and you can judge it as you start making the bed. Sateen has an inherent luxurious touch. 

Even if you are an ardent fan of pure cotton sheets, you will switch sides. Largely thanks for the Tencel blend. We did notice the little striking sound when the sheets got rubbed with each other. The sound is negligible for us but it might be noticeable to a few who have not used silky sheets.

Percale Sheet vs Sateen Sheet

Percale Sheet Sateen Sheet
1 over, 1 under percale weave Four over, one under sateen weave
Light And Airy Thicker Sheet
Crisp To The Touch Smooth and Silky
Perfect For Summer Perfect Year-Round

MOLECULE Sheets vs Sheex

MOLECULE Sheets Sheex Sheets
48% TENCEL™ Lyocell and 52% cotton 87% Microfiber Polyester and 13% Spandex
17x more breathable than traditional cotton sheets 10x more breathable than traditional cotton sheets
Slightly expensive. Comparatively more expensive.

How to wash MOLECULE sheets?

MOLECULE sheets are machine washable. It is recommended that sheets be washed separately to prolong the life of sheets. Use the gentle cycle in cold water while washing and tumble dry on low heat. 

Tencel™ does help in wrinkle-free sheets. It is recommended sheets should not over-dry. Just remove them from the dryer and fold them smoothly.

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