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Puffy Mattress Review

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Using our recommendations as a guide, you can decide whether the Puffy original all-foam mattress is the right mattress for you.

What to expect from this review?

Key Highlights

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Original All Foam Mattress
  • Price Range: $599 to $1,149 ($899 to $1499).
  • Mattress Type: Foam.
  • Firmness: Medium-firm.
  • Thickness: 10 inches.
  • Trial Period: 101-Night.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.

Current Offer

$750 off mattresses and $600 worth of accessories. Code: SAVE1350.



Good in isolating motion transfer.
Good body contouring and support.
Hypoallergenic cover.


Weak edge support.
Less responsive.
Some mobility issues due to sleep “in” feel.

Puffy according to the dictionary means swollen, inflated, baggy, etc. The logo shows a puff of cloud on the text. So before you go into any details expect a little softer, cozy, and sink-in feel.

It is a comfortable bed that gives you a sense of a memory foam mattress and is recommended for side sleepers for its pressure-relieving comfort. It is designed to work on any surface or platform. 

Puffy mattresses are 100% made in the USA and are available for sale in Canada as well.

Puffy has three options Puffy Original Mattress, Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress, and Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress.

In 2021, Puffy decided to revamp the entire lineup of mattresses based on feedback from the customers.

Puffy Royal launched on 14 September 2019 is now Puffy Royal Hybrid and similarly, the most popular Puffy Lux is now Puffy Lux Hybrid. 

Puffy Original Mattress is the only all-foam mattress in the lineup now. It is a 10-inches five-layered memory foam mattress and is a made in USA product.

Puffy Mattress vs Puffy Lux Mattress vs Puffy Royal Mattress

Scroll left to right

Puffy OriginalPuffy Lux HybridPuffy Royal Hybrid
10-inch Thickness12-inch Thickness14-inch Thickness
Under $1000 (Queen)Under $1500 (Queen)Under $2400 (Queen)
5 Layers (incl. covers)6 Layers  (incl. covers)7 Layers  (incl. covers)
Plush Contour Top LayerUltra Plush Contour Top Layer with Cooling beads 
2” Cooling CloudFoam™ Top Layer
2” Climate Comfort™ Layer
6” Firm Core Support Base Layer
1.5” Cooling CloudFoam™ Top Layer
1.5” Plush Dual Cloud Foam Layer
2” Climate Comfort™ Layer
7” Firm Core Support Foam Base with Contour Adapt Coils
1.5” Cooling CloudFoam™ Top Layer infused with cooling beads.
2” Premium foam
1.5” Plush Dual Cloud Layer
2” Climate Comfort™ Layer
7” Firm Core Support Base Layer
Cooling Cloud Temperature RegulationCooling Cloud Temperature RegulationCloud Air Technology for Advanced Airflow
Climate Adaptive MaterialClimate Adaptive MaterialClimate Adaptive Material
Enhanced Spinal Alignment for Pressure ReliefTargeted Full Body Pressure ReliefFull Body Multi-Zone Support for Pressure Redistribution
Balanced Support & ContouringBalanced Support & ContouringBalanced Support & Contouring
High-Density Transition Comfort LayerHigh-Density Transition Comfort Layer
Stain Resistant Regular CoverStain Resistant Luxury CoverStain Resistant Luxury Cover
Reflexive Muscle & Joint Support
Medium FirmMedium SoftSoft

Structure & Quality

A Puffy mattress is comprised of three foam layers sandwiched in a hypoallergenic topic cover and grip base cover.  So that makes it a 5 layer comfortable mattress.

Layers of Puffy Mattress
Structure Of Puffy Mattress

Comfort Layer: The topmost layer is a 2-inch gel memory foam layer called cooling Cloud™ Foam. The primary job of the layer is to provide comfort and regulate the temperature while you are sleeping. It did a fairly good job.

But in our feedback from past customers, a few of them complained about overheating. There were reports of being “hot” at the night. Our analysis suggests that it ensures a temperature-neutral zone for a majority of people. But the person who is sensitive or experienced issues of the mattress being “hot” in the past, should be mindful while buying this.

Middle Layer: The next layer is the 2-inch Climate™ Comfort layer. The primary responsibility of this transition layer is to control temperature fluctuations and alleviate pain. As a result, it can stabilize its temperature by cooling itself when it's hot and keeping warm when it's cold. The adjustment also takes into account seasonal contraction and expansion. As a result, you have a consistent experience throughout the year.

Core Base Layer: The Puffy mattress is built on top of a 6-inch high-density core layer of adaptive foam. The top two layers provide a soft cloud-like feel to the mattress and this base layer provides firmness. It supports the back with proper spine alignment and contouring of the body. All the layers in the Puffy mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. It makes the mattress free from any toxins and chemicals.

What is Unique About the Cover of Puffy’s Mattress?

The puffy mattress has a removable cover that is stain resistant. The puffy mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress with a washable cover. If you spill some drink or drop some food, you can wipe and clean it immediately without much effort. No stains whatsoever. All the covers are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified.

Puffy Dimensions

MattressPuffyPuffy Lux
Twin 39″ x 75″ x 10″ 39″ x 75″ x 12″
Twin XL 39″ x 80″ x 10″ 39″ x 80″ x 12″
Full 54″ x 75″ x 10″ 54″ x 75″ x 12″
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 10″ 60″ x 80″ x 12″
King 76″ x 80″ x 10″ 76″ x 80″ x 12″
Cal King 72″ x 84″ x 10″ 72″ x 84″ x 12″

Puffy Mattress Weight

Mattress SizePuffy (lbs)Puffy Lux (lbs)
Twin 41 45
Twin XL 45 50
Full 58 63
Queen 69 75
King 87 95
Cal King 87 95

Overall Feel & Firmness Level

Puffy Mattress Firmness Scale including Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal
Firmness Scale

All Puffy mattresses were updated in 2019 and even launched a new top-end mattress Puffy Royal. The lineup was again revamped in 2021. So any older reviews related to Puffy may not be fully accurate anymore. As the construction and materials used have changed, the firmness and overall feel have been updated and upgraded.

The cooling Cloud™ Foam layer is a gel memory foam followed by the Cloud™ Comfort layer. In our review, the experience is better than regular gel memory foam. It is more inclusive and with a soft overall feel. You will get an “in a nest” soft feel.  There is a sink-in and hug feel but there is excellent support from the base core layer. It provides good lumbar and back support. 

Hence it should be quite accommodating and comfortable for most sleep positions including stomach sleepers, back sleepers, side sleepers, and combination sleepers.

Motion Transfer

The mattress is good at absorbing any motion transfer. It is one of the key highlights so it is good news for your co-sleeper. You can freely toss and turn in the night without the stress of disturbing the sleep of your partner.

Spine Alignment and Sleeping Positions

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is probably one of the most difficult sleeping positions to keep the spine aligned. There is constant pressure on the shoulders and waist. It provides great support to the shoulders and hip area to keep pain at bay.

Puffy is a great choice for lightweight side sleepers who weighs less than 230 lbs. If you are a heavy side sleeper probably you will appreciate a slightly firmer mattress.

It is arguably one of the better mattresses for side sleepers.

Back Sleepers

 Most back sleepers who wake up with lower back pain are not sleeping on a supportive bed. The Puffy performed average for heavy back sleepers which can be contributed to its soft-top layers. Although back sleepers weighing under 240 lbs will find adequate lumbar support.

Stomach Sleepers

 Puffy with its foam construction performed the weakest for stomach sleepers. Being a foam mattress, the body tends to sink in around the stomach area which hinders spine alignment. The lightweight sleepers can find the level of firmness supportive but the user with a weight over 150lbs may look elsewhere.

Combination sleepers may experience a level of comfort sleeping on it without waking up tired or aching.

Heavy Sleepers

The bed may not provide enough support for heavier individuals weighing over 240 pounds. The body sinking into the bed can cause issues in the long run. We recommend going through our list of best mattresses for heavy people.


 It is a good choice for couples with some key attributes going in its favor. The motion isolation is good so combination sleepers can easily toss and turn without the fear of disturbing their partner. The mattress is silent, making it a great bed for sex. The couple who prefers a responsive mattress may feel find it inadequate on that front.

Rate each sleeping position in table form

Under 150lbs150-240lbsAbove 240lbs
Side SleeperExcellentExcellentAverage
Back SleeperGoodAveragePoor
Stomach SleeperAveragePoorPoor

Common FAQs

Puffy Mattress vs Nectar Mattress

Airy memory foam feelMemory foam feel
Extra comfortable compared to others in the same budgetComfort comparable to other mattresses in the same budget.
Medium-firmRelatively more medium-firm than Puffy 
Cheaper than Nectar Slightly expensive
Suits all sleeper typesSide sleepers love it
Washable stain-resistant cover

Final Thoughts

Puffy mattresses have gained popularity in the last couple of years and there are valid reasons. The Puffy original supports all types of sleepers and side sleepers shower extra praise for it. The company offers special discount most of the time which makes it quite a good competitor in the same price range.

We highly recommend it for its comfy feel and stain-free cover with a top-up of the lifetime warranty.

We highly recommend it for its comfy feel and stain-free cover with a top-up of the lifetime warranty.

Current Offer

$750 off mattresses and $600 worth of accessories. Code: SAVE1350.

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