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Split King Bed Pros and Cons

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Most people get confused and in a quandary when they are trying to decide on a bigger mattress. If you compare King and California king mattresses, there are some size differences. Add a split king mattress to the comparison and everything changes, despite the same size.

What is a Split King Bed?

In simple terms, split king mattresses are formed by putting two twin xl mattresses together in a sideways position. 

Twin XL + Twin XL = Split King Bed
(38”x80”) + (38”x80”) = (76”x80”)

A split king mattress is the best option for couples who have different sleeping preferences. It gives them a solution where no one has to make a compromise when it comes to good sleep.

Like any product you buy, it has its own pros and cons. Let us look into the advantages and disadvantages or areas of concern with a split king bed.


  • Better Sleep: Unmatched sleeping experience due to accurate mattress firmness for both sleepers.
  • Zero Motion Transfer: Sensitive sleepers will sleep undisturbed with perfect motion isolation.
  • Luxurious: Choosing an adjustable bed over a regular twin xl bed gives you many extra features that make your sleeping experience more luxurious and comfortable. You can adjust the position according to your preference, including raising your head or lying flat/reclined.
  • Easy to Move: It is easier to move and maneuver compared to a king mattress. 


  • Price: Firstly it is expensive to own when compared with a king-size bed.
  • Size: Tall couples may not find it suitable due to its size and the only viable option is to buy a good California king bed.
  • Heavy: The entire setup is heavy and easily weighs around 200-250 lbs
  • More Space: Like a King mattress, it will need a bigger room so that you can move around after setting it up.
  • Gap: For most couples, the gap in the middle is the biggest concern, and many oppose it outright because they believe it can affect their sex life but there are some hacks to make split-king beds suitable for love making.
  • Right Foundation: Choosing the right mattress foundation for a split king mattress can be tricky as two different mattress types are involved.
  • Sheets: It requires dual sheets that are comparatively hard to find than your regular older sheets.

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