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Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

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If you are like everyone else, the mattress industry and its confusing terms may have left you slightly perplexed.

Are you like everyone else, trying to find a mattress whose price would not mean you going without enough money for rent for a month?

Then the Tuft & Needle mattress is for you.

 A growing direct-to-consumer company, Tuft & Needle has three mattresses under its brand; Original Tuft & Needle, Tuft & Needle Mint, and Tuft and Needle Hybrid. Parallelly the company also sells sheets and pillows etc.

Let us look closer at the top-selling Tuft & Needle Mattress Original. Perhaps this simple yet comprehensive review will help the confused buyer in you.

Key Highlights

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

TUFT & NEEDLE - Original Queen Adaptive Foam...

  • 10″ all-foam mattress.
  • Best for lightweight and medium-weight people.
  • Balanced foam feel.
  • Feels cooler.
  • 10 Year limited warranty.

This has none of the extra confusing layers that other mattresses have. It has simply two layers of foam.

If you are an eco-friendly consumer, then this mattress is for you. Though made of foam, the T&N has eco-friendly certifications and uses fewer adhesives and glues.

It is best for lightweight and medium-weight individuals.

The adaptive foam makes it suitable for combination sleepers who constantly change their sleeping positions at night.

The mattress, though made with fewer materials, still allows you to sleep quite cool at night.

Made with Adaptive foam, this 10-inch thick mattress costs under $600 for its queen size!

T&N gives the sleeper a very balanced foam feel, giving you a near-perfect blend of support and comfort.

As with every other foam mattress, it is amazing with motion isolation.

We will look into how these features play into the mattress’s suitability for couples and heavy-set individuals soon.

Pros and Cons


The following are the pros you need to consider:

  • Value for Money: It is great for those who do not want to spend a huge amount on their mattress but still is looking for a good value for their money
  • If you are a lightweight or medium weight then this mattress is for you
  • Sleeps cool.
  • It is quite responsive to your body movements, allowing you to move around and change position at night.
  • Light Weight Mattress: It is easy to lift and move around.
  • Like most foam mattresses, this one too is silent and makes no noise.
  • The cover is pretty plush and there is an adequate amount of bounciness in the mattress


Because of how affordable the mattress is, the Original Tuft & Needle are not all pros. However, we recommend this mattress because, despite the below cons, it still stands strong when compared to other mattresses.

  • T&N mattress has an initial odor, 1 out of 20 customers complain of a distinct and bothersome initial odor. It takes around a week to be fully odor-free.
  • It may cause back pain and stiffness in above-average weighted individuals if they don't find it supportive.
  • In our research, many customers have found the redressal process slow or difficult.
  • It may not be very comfortable for some side and stomach sleepers, depending on their weight.

Detailed Review

The Tuft and Needle is a plush but budget-friendly mattress. It is adequately firm and feels comfortable that contours your pressure points.

Being all-foam mattresses, it still has a bounce and easily manageable. It is an eco-friendly mattress as it uses fewer adhesives and glues. 

It relieves pressure from your pressure points without hugging them excessively.

The mattress has a breathable, cushiony cover that makes the Tuft and Needle enjoyable for all sleepers.

Though not meant for all sizes and shapes, the mattress manages to isolate motion and respond to the movements of your body.

It comes with free shipping in 48 states and free returns, and a 10-year warranty.

The Construction and Structure

The Mattress has a soft and breathable cover, made of a micro polyamide and polyester blend. This makes the mattress snuggly and allows air to flow through the foam mattress.

The top layer is the comfort layer a 3-inch adaptive foam layer infused with graphite and ceramic gel. This layer gives the mattress its high durability and allows it to shape your body, and hug the pressure points of your body.

This layer also is designed to not trap heat because of the graphite in this layer.

The bottom layer is the support core- a 7-inch poly foam base layer. This layer has an open-cell structure that helps direct fresh air into the mattress, hence cooling it. The high density of the layer stops any long-term impressions of the body from being formed and retained on the mattress as well.

Firmness ( feel and experience )

Tuft and Needle Mattress Firmness Scale

T&N is slightly firm and is a 7/10 on a scale of firmness, with 10 being the firmest. Because of the two layers of high-density foam, it is a little firm but not too much. 

It is very responsive to your body and this firmness allows the mattress to cradle your pressure points without hugging your body too much.

A perfect blend of being sturdy and being comfortable. It feels soft if you touch it initially but adequately firm as the foam prevents sinkage of the body.

Spine Health

The base layer, made of open-cell foam, is perfect for keeping your back and spine aligned for a sound sleep at night.

The firmness of the mattress works to the sleeper's advantage and prevents the hip from sinking in, thus keeping the sleeper’s back and spine aligned.

Motion Transfer

T&N, like most foam mattresses, does well with motion isolation

The Adaptive Foam is the layer responsible for prohibiting motion transfer- hence jumping on one side of the bed would not disturb the other sleeper too much.

Edge Support

T&N is relatively soft around the edges- which does undercut its ability to provide proper edge support. If you are an individual who sits on the edge of the bed often then this mattress may not be for you.

The support at the edge of the mattress is quite weak, making you feel like you may fall right off the bed because of the softness around the edges.

Performance vs Sleeping Positions

Tuft & Needle for Side Sleepers

The Tuft and Needle's medium-firm feel combined with the support it gets from its base layer makes it an optimal choice for side sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds. For them it contours their pressure points perfectly and keeps their spines aligned.

If you weigh more than 130 pounds, we found it less supportive as your hips may sink a bit, hindering spinal adjustment. If you are average in your weight, however, it will hug you perfectly.

Tuft & Needle for Back Sleepers

The Tuft and Needle are recommended to back sleepers. For those who are average in their weight, the weight is dispersed evenly throughout the mattress. It allows for spinal adjustment.

The bedding is an incredible mix of relief and solace for lightweight and heavyweight back sleepers.

However, people who weigh more than 230 pounds may encounter some sinkage close to their hips, so they may think that it's harder to keep up a proper spinal arrangement.

Tuft & Needle for Stomach Sleepers

What many people love about the mattress is the top layer which inhibits sinkage. Despite that, it is not the best choice for stomach sleepers. Whereas snug at first, this foam layer lets the hips sink significantly, putting pressure on the lower back.

However, If you're a lightweight stomach sleeper, this pad could also be okay for you. 

Someone who weighs above 230 pounds, may experience severe sinkage especially in your abdominal area, and your spine may feel unaligned.

Tuft & Needle Mattress for Heavy People

T&N mattress may not be the best for heavy people in general as they won’t receive the support they would require from this mattress especially if they are back and stomach sleepers.

They may encounter an excessive amount of pressure on their shoulders and hips. With a two-layer design, it’s not extremely well designed for people over 250 lbs.

Tuft & Needle Mattress for Couples

This mattress meets many of the needs of couples. With the motion isolation feature of this mattress, couples can sleep easily without disturbing each other. No more fighting after being woken up because of your partner’s disturbed sleep.

It also makes no noise and is quite bouncy and responsive to the movements of the body of the sleeper. Additionally, you can move around easily on this bed. Hence, when it comes to sex, this mattress meets the needs of couples.

Type Of Sleeper Ratings

FairSide Sleepers
GoodLightweight Sleepers and Back Sleepers
PoorStomach Sleepers

Mattress Sizes

Twin38″ x 75″ x 10″
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 10″
Full53″ x 75″ x 10″
Queen60″ x 80″ x 10″
King76″ x 80″ x 10″
California King72″ x 84″ x 10″


Tuft and Needle vs Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress features 3 layers – gel memory foam over hi-core memory foam over a base layer- the T&N mattress however has only two layers.

The Nectar mattress exhibits that classic memory foam feels you would expect from memory foam whereas the Tuft & Needle has a more balanced foam feel.

In terms of firmness, the Tuft & Needle are primarily the same. Once it involves price, the Tuft & Needle is the more reasonable mattress.

The Nectar mattress is better for side sleepers, however, the Tuft & Needle mattress is better for back sleepers. Moreover, it is recommended to couples as it is more responsive to movement, whereas the Nectar mattress is not.

Tuft and Needle vs Casper Original Mattress

Casper and Tuft and Needle are very similar in many features. Though they both provide a balanced foam feel- the Casper may be more supportive for back sleepers.

T&N is the preferred mattress however for those on a budget, for children, and lightweight individuals.

The Casper mattress is structured differently than the Tuft and Needle as Casper has a Zoned support system that is firm at the center but softer at the edges.

Moreover, Casper only has the CertiPUR-US® Certification, whereas Tuft and Needle have both the GreenGuard Gold Certification and the CertiPUR-US® certification.

Tuft and Needle vs Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress

The Mint mattress is 12 inches in thickness whereas the Original mattress is 10 inches. Moreover, the Mint mattress is slightly softer and more cushiony than the Original Mattress which is medium-firm.

The Mint mattress has antimicrobial protection which the Original Mattress lacks.- hence the Mint is protected from lifespan shortening microbes

The Mint is meant for Side sleepers and is plusher than the Original Mattress which is recommended more for back sleepers

Tuft and Needle vs Purple

The T&N and Purple have very distinct feels- the Tuft and Needle feel like most foam mattresses. It is soft and responsive but feels like it is made of foam. The Purple Mattress, however, has a ‘squishy yet comfortable‘ feel to it.

The T&N has only two comfort layers- whereas Purple has three layers. The Purple mattress is known for its proprietary Purple grid layer- responsible for contouring the sleeper’s body.

Both mattresses have similar trial periods, return policies, and shipping policies. Both fall somewhere in the medium to a medium-firm range of firmness.

The Purple mattress costs under $1100 for the queen size whereas the Tuft and Needle cost under $600.

Tuft and Needle vs Leesa

The Tuft and Needle have been found to provide better pressure relief and spinal alignment to side sleepers than has the Leesa Mattress.

The Leesa Mattress provides better edge support and bounciness when compared to Tuft and Needle. Leesa has an additional soft layer of memory foam which Tuft and Needle do not.

However, both the mattresses are equal in height and firmness. Where the stark difference comes in is the pricing. The Leesa mattress costs under $1200 for its King size and Tuft and Needle costing under $800 for the same.

Sleep Quality

This mattress ensures a good night's sleep for lightweight and average-weight sleepers. By not trapping too much heat and by having a breathable cover- this mattress is quite good.

If you want to sleep without fearing being woken up by your couple's movement- this noiseless mattress with motion isolation is for you.

However, it is poignant to mention that some individuals may complain about back pains and waking up too stiff after sleeping on this mattress. However, this back pain issue is mostly limited to heavily weighted individuals.

Final Thoughts

As we promised, if you want to be satisfied with the money you paid for a simple, no-frills but a sturdy mattress, then Tuft and Needle are for you.

Conforming to your pressure points but not cradling you, this eco-friendly mattress is perfect for cat-like sleepers and for couples.

It is light in weight and ideal for guests, children, and individuals below 130 pounds.

Its warranty period is similar to multiple other mattresses that are its industry equivalent and so is its trial period.

The fact that this affordable mattress comes along with free shipping in 48 states and gets delivered in 1-5 business days, makes it even more exemplary.

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