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We all have lived through a pandemic and there is an increased awareness related to our health. No one is ready to compromise on buying products that can affect our well-being.

An eco-friendly organic mattress made with natural materials is being preferred over regular mattresses. People are looking for non-toxic mattresses to buy online.

The year 2020 has reiterated the value of things that don't hurt our environment. The natural and organic way of life in the future. 

Looking at the popular demand from our readers, we have already updated our article on Best Bamboo Mattress. This week completed our reviewing the best organic mattresses and it's time to share our findings with everyone.

Happsy Hybrid Organic Mattress with Latex

Happsy Organic Mattress, Healthy and Safe Mattress...

  • 10″ Hybrid mattress.
  • Organic Latex top with organic cotton and wool.
  • Medium-firm

Happsy is an affordable organic mattress with some rave reviews. It is designed with 2″ of natural Dunlop latex and 8″ of pocket springs.

The Dunlop latex sourced from Sri Lanka is breathable and promotes temperature regulation. The latex is naturally responsive that adapts to the body and relieves pressure.

The base of the mattress is formed by pocketed coil springs. They provide structure and support to the mattress. It helps in spinal alignment and evenly distributes body weight.

The Happsy has a euro top design with an organic mattress cover. Below the cotton cover, there is a layer of organic wool for extra breathability and softness. 

The mattress has a medium-firm feel which suits most of the sleepers. The comfort layer provides enough cradle for a good night's sleep.


The mattress is certified by GOLS and GOTS. It follows the standard for organic consumer goods by the USDA.

Naturepedic Chorus Organic Natural Mattress

Naturepedic Chorus Organic Mattress
  • 100% Certified Organic Hybrid Mattress.
  • Quilted & organic wool.
  • Plush & Firm.
  • Made in the USA.

Naturepedic is popular among shoppers looking for organic options. Naturepedic has two options for adults Chorus and Serenade.

Serenade is more expensive and firmer than Chorus.

We believe the Chorus mattress suits a wider audience as it is a perfect balance of price and features.

Naturepedic Chorus is a 6-layered 10″ mattress designed to perfection. The core of the mattress is a double layer of coils with the top being softer and the bottom a little firmer for extra support.

The top layer is a quilted organic cotton fabric filled with organic wool. Below are the small high-density wrapped micro coils for a softer feel and bounce.

It has a layer of organic cotton batting on both sides over the second layer of encased coils helps in reducing motion transfer. 

The bottom of the mattress has another layer of fill in the quilted organic cotton fabric. 

Cotton fabric, wool, and dual coils make the mattress more breathable than any regular hybrid mattress. Organic wool batting wicks the moisture and acts as a natural fire retardant. 

It is a chemical-free mattress with no flame retardants and adhesives.


It is a 100% certified organic and non-toxic mattress by GOTS. It is also GREENGUARD GOLD certified. 

Amore Beds Best Hybrid Organic Cotton Medium Firmness Mattress

Amore Beds Best Hybrid Organic Cotton Medium...

  • 12″ Hybrid mattress.
  • Medium-firm.
  • For Back & Stomach Sleepers.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Organic cotton.

Amore bed surprised us in our reviews and interestingly it was a last-minute addition to the list of organic mattresses for our review.

If we have to sum up the review in one word then it will be a cozy bed

Amore Beds is again a hybrid organic mattress but with a 12″ profile that costs way less than $1000. It is a well-made mattress with 7 layers and a breathable cover.

The cover is hypoallergenic and is made with quilted organic cotton. There is a layer of organic wool for additional breathability and also acts as fire-resistant. 

It has a 1″ FusionFlex to further enhance the comfort by keeping you cool by dissipating heat. Another 1″ graphite-infused memory foam that helps in alleviating pressure points. Its open-cell structure further promotes breathability and airflow.

Amore has individually wrapped 4″ coils topped with two layers of 2″ each of transition memory foam and specialty foam. These are supportive layers that contours to your body and provide pressure relief.

The last layer is a 2″ high-density foam base layer that provides stability, strength, and durability to the mattress.


All the foams used in the mattress are certified and helps to reduce carbon footprint. It does not have any warning labels for harmful chemicals even the ones going to California because it is chemical-free.

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress - Medium...

  • 100% Natural Latex Foam.
  • Under $800.
  • Organic cotton and organic wool.
  • Medium-firm.

Pure Green as the name implies is an all-natural latex mattress by Sleep On Latex. It is made with 100% natural latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. 

It is a medium-firm mattress. The base of the mattress is a 6″ base layer of latex with a 2″ comfort layer made with latex.

The base layer provides a support and comfort layer topped with 1″ of quilted wool that contours the body shape plus spinal alignment.

The latex mattress carries the huge advantage of being good in ventilation and relieving pressure points.

Pure Green is made in Chicago and is free from synthetic latex, polyurethane foam or any cheap polyester fills.


It is GREENGUARD Gold certified.

Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress

No products found.

Awara hybrid organic mattress is made with natural Dunlop latex foam known for its cooling nature and good contouring.

The 13″ mattress is made with natural and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and natural wool. The comfort layer comprises certified organic Dunlop latex foam. 

The latex is an extremely breathable material that keeps the temperature in check and your body cool. The core of the mattress has premium pocketed coils. The latex and base of the mattress bring along a medium-feel with the mattress.

The mattress is medium-firm to slightly firm. Awara mattress is a good choice for stomach and back sleepers but some side sleepers may find support not matching their expectations.

Awara provides zoned support and is extremely supportive. The hips and shoulder area have more support whereas the zone with head and legs uses thinner coils for better support.

It is free from any lead, formaldehyde, polyfoams, or synthetic wool. Awara uses water-based adhesives and avoids any chemical-based materials.

It is made with 100% natural wool from New Zealand.


The Awara is GOTS and GOLS certified.

Considerations While Choosing a Best Organic Mattress

We have seen a transformation in buying patterns and how the products are reviewed. Social media brings awareness but as an authentic reviewing team, we face a lot of challenges.

We believe in zero interference from sellers so that our readers get genuine reviews and experiences we had with the product.

There are times when we have to leave a product from the list because manufacturers want the review to be written in a certain way.

 There is no one perfect mattress. Every mattress we review comes with pros and cons. We share both and help our readers make an informed choice.

Safety Certifications

When you pay extra for an organic mattress in comparison to a regular mattress. You need to be sure about the safety standards adopted for the mattress.

The authenticity of the organic mattress is attributed to the organic certifications it holds.

Always cross-check the marketing claims with actual certification labels.


Every material used in the construction of the mattress is carefully picked. It should not be limited to the organic fabric of the cover.

Organic wool is a common material used in the top comfort layer. It can also be formed with organic cotton batting or both.

The hybrid organic mattress has premium coils and the adhesives used are eco-friendly.

The organic mattresses are devoid of any heavy metals and are made with volatile organic compounds that can result in some off-gassing.


The mattress firmness required is dependent on various factors. Pick mattress firmness as per your needs. Most organic mattresses are medium-firm to slightly firm.

Some mattresses have plush comfort top but with a medium-firm feel.

Comfort & Durability

Organic mattresses are more comfortable and durable than traditional mattresses. They provide good temperature regulation and are more skin-friendly.

The organic fibers and other materials used are of a premium grade that adds to the durability.

What is the difference between 100% Natural Latex and 100% Organic Latex?

100% natural latex and certified organic are two different things.  

Physically both natural latex foam and organic latex foam looks and feel the same. The major difference is the type of fertilizer used on the trees from where the latex is derived. The production method or the chemistry of the foam remains the same in both cases. 

All About Organic Mattress Certifications

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a global textile processing standard for organic fibers. The latest 6.0 version was released on 19th March 2020.

The global standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading, and distribution of all textiles. 

When the mattress is GOTS certified and labeled as “Organic“, it must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibers.

If the mattress is labeled “Made with Organic“, a minimum of 70% certified organic fibers are used.

Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

The GOLS certification ensures that the mattress contains more than 95% of certified organic raw material. It is the first global standard for organic latex.

The GOLS has guidelines for latex products and features permissible limits of any harmful substances, polymer, and filler percentages.

GreenGuard Gold

GreenGuard Gold certification for organic mattresses testifies for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and other chemical emissions.

It has a significant role in reducing indoor air pollution due to low chemical emissions.

It is important to note that mattresses including furniture made from toxic materials release chemicals slowly into the air. This reduces air quality and is not suited for humans.

The GreenGuard Gold certification ensures that the mattress you are buying has adhered to stricter quality norms.

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