Best Twin Mattress For Kids

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As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your kids. And when it comes to choosing the right mattress, you can't settle for just any innerspring option.

As a researcher and mother, I've got the inside scoop on the best twin mattresses for kids. So why twin? And what makes these options the top choices?

If you're feeling overwhelmed with similar questions, look no further! We've got you covered with a carefully curated list of the best twin mattresses for kids, based on our research and feedback from fellow parents. And if you still have questions, our FAQ section offers the answers you need.

Here are the recommendations from SleepMattressHQ

List of Best Twin-Size Mattresses for Kids

Zinus Green Tea

Zinus Green Tea Mattress King Size
  • Price Tag: Under $150.
  • Feel: Medium Firm to Firm.
  • Warranty: 10 years (limited).

Current Offer

Up to 40% off on mattresses & furniture + 15% off on Luxe Collection ( Code: BFCW20)

Let me share my thoughts before I begin. The feel factor of a cozy firm mattress will increase if you increase your budget and choose a 12-inch thickness.

Our research found mixed views among old customers. Some people were happy with 8 inches, and others were happy with 12 inches.

The innersprings are made with high-grade, heavy-duty coils.

With its green tea foam and fiber-quilted cover, it provides comfortable support. A combination of green tea extracts and castor seed oil repels bacteria and odors.

The product is CertiPUR-US certified, so you can be assured that it contains no harmful chemicals, volatile organic compounds, or heavy metals.

Purple Kids Mattress

Purple Kids Mattress
  • Under $700.
  • Medium-firm Mattress.
  • Exclusively made for kids.
  • Two options depending on age.
  • Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic.
  • Certi-PUR and Clean Air GOLD certified.

Current Offer

Up to $300 Off on Mattress + $500 Off on the Adjustable Base.

When was the last time you saw a mattress made with children's needs in mind?

As a result, Purple has developed two mattresses to suit kids under 14 years of age, teens, and adults who are growing.

Your child is no longer a baby. A baby's needs are different from those of a growing child. Because of this, any twin mattress may not be the most suitable choice simply because it fits a twin bed.

Available only in Twin size, this 7-inch model is sufficiently soft for young children. It features a unique proprietary Purple Grid™ for No-Pressure Support™ that is responsive and cool to sleep on. A dual comfort layer of 5 inches will cradle anyone weighing less than 115 pounds.

A washable mattress cover ensures that you won't have to worry about how children use the bed during the day.

Differences between the two:

Similar to the adult mattress, the teens' mattress has a 9.25-inch profile and thicker dual comfort layers. In the middle layer, there is a 3.25-inch layer of polyurethane foam with a density of 1.8 pounds. The base layer is 4 inches thick and has a density of 2 pounds. The Purple Grid™ is 2 inches, which is the same for both.

Nolah Nurture – Plush Mattress for Kids

Nolah Nurture Plush Mattress for Kids
  • Under $1000.
  • 10-inch profile.
  • Flippable with a different firmness.
  • Hypoallergenic Talalay latex.
  • GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 Certified

Current Offer

Up to $700 Off + Two Free Pillows ($198).

Nolah Nurture is a premium option for kids that will last forever. It stands out from the competition with its features and its build quality. It has dual firmness that will ensure that it meets kids ’ changing firmness requirements and you don’t have to change every couple of years.

It is a luxury hybrid mattress built with natural and eco-friendly materials like Talalay latex, organic cotton, and wool. Latex is known for its pressure-relieving properties and will ensure undisturbed deep sleep.

Nurture is a 7 layered model with the first two-layer comprising certified organic cotton and organic wool. The third layer is latex followed by 6-inch patented HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ support coils. It has three zones for targeted support and comfort.

Below the support coils is another 2-inch latex but slightly firmer in feel. The bottom layer has organic wool and cotton for extra durability.

Naturepedic –  2 in-1 Quilted Organic Mattress (2-Sided)

Naturepedic 2 in 1 organic kids mattress
  • Price Tag: Under $650
  • Feel: Firm
  • Warranty: 10 years ( limited ).

The organic cotton quilted deluxe provides a two-sided design that allows you to flip. The quilted fabric also provides a more mature mattress feel. It is ideal for kids on a growth trajectory.

It features a premium 14.5 gauge steel innerspring with alternating coil directions. They provide comfortable support without losing a very strong stable feel. There is a strong border wire with heavy-duty edge support for long-lasting life.

The luxurious cotton side is not waterproof so flip and use the waterproof side if the kids are just out of the crib and are being trained. This waterproof also functions as a dust mite barrier.

For a luxurious side, you may want to add an organic waterproof mattress protector pad. This can be a good twin mattress for a 3-year-old.

The organic cotton used is completely sourced from US-grown farms. It is an allergy-friendly design. Its cotton is certified by OTCO, GOTS, and GREENGUARD Gold. Naturepedic passes all flammability standards of the US without using any chemicals.

It comes with a 10-year limited warranty. And the company claims low warranty claims. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if purchased directly from Naturepedic.

This seems to be quite lower than the current market offerings. They have quite a few hospitals as their clients. It is another proof of health and safety standards.

Tuft & Needle, Bed in a Box, Adaptive Foam

Tuft & Needle - Legacy Original Twin Adaptive Foam...

  • Price Tag: Under $500.
  • Feel: Medium Firm.
  • Warranty: 10 years (limited).

The Tuft and Needle mattress uses high-quality adaptive foam which the brand is famous for. It provides a bouncy feel that the kids will love yet it is quite supportive.

It is compressed into a small box for shipping but it will regain its form in a few hours to be usable for kids. It may take up to 72 hours to fully gain its size.

Adaptive foam is a high-grade foam that is rated better in performance and feel than latex or memory foam. It won’t give you a sink-in feel which is a characteristic feature of the latter. It will give a nice not so soft or hard feeling.

T&N is a medium-firm to slightly firm feel that is right for a kid or young adults who are at growing age. Even the two kids are sleeping on the bed. It easily absorbs the motion transfer so that the other child does not get disturbed.

A lot of people confuse it with egg crate foam but it is not. It keeps the body and is adaptive in nature to relieve pressure.

Tuft and Needle fit all frames like boxspring, slatted frames, adjustable frames, and on the floor.

It offers a full refund with a 100-night trial.

Make sure you buy from Amazon to avail of this return. Your amazon purchase should mention “Ships from and sold by Amazon”. They even claim that 95% of their customers who go for a trial never feel the need to return. The company offers a limited 10-year warranty as well.

It is tested and certified by three top agencies viz. CertiPUR-US, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, and GREENGUARD Gold.

Linenspa 8-inch Mattress

LINENSPA 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid...

  • Price Tag: Under $100.
  • Feel: Medium Firm.
  • Warranty: 10 years (limited).

LinenSpa is a good, reliable option for a kid’s room at an affordable price. This 8 inches hybrid mattress is a combination of memory foam and solid support of innerspring.

This comes well under $100 but the price will go up if you select other options like 10 inches with/without a platform bed frame. Click on the price button above for all the options.

It has a plush memory foam layer with a cozy knot cover. When you unpack, some customers reported some small black/brown flecks. These harmless carbons are plastics that will not stick to your mattress.

It comes with a limited 10-year warranty. The majority of customers have given positive feedback after long usage. Lack of any certification can be a deterrent for a few people.

Nectar Gel Memory Foam

NECTAR Twin Mattress + 2 Free Pillows - Gel Memory...

  • Price Tag: Under $500 ( Before Discount ).
  • Feel: Medium Firm.
  • Warranty: Forever Warranty!

Nectar is a fast-growing eCommerce mattress brand in the US. It is a memory foam bed in a box mattress that is expected to suit all styles of sleepers.

It may be memory foam but it does not feel like a sink in firmness. Being gel-based, it provides a cool and breathable experience. It easily adapts your body contours and makes it ache and pain-free periods of sleep.

Now something interesting about the Nectar. They are currently offering a coupon on Amazon which will save a minimum of $100. In addition to that, they are offering two premium pillows free worth $150. Hence the effective price will be under $250.

Check the latest and exact price by clicking above. Nectar comes with a warranty that never expires. This is the industry first. It will be under warranty as long as you are using it.

They provide a 180-day risk-free trial which 3 months more than the industry standard. This is applicable only if you buy from Amazon. If you want to return the product there is no pickup fee and comes certified by CertiPUR-US.

Signature Sleep

Signature Sleep Contour 8" Reversible Mattress,...

  • Price Tag: Under $175.
  • Feel: Medium Firm.
  • Warranty: 1 year (limited).

The signature sleep is CertiPUR-US certified. This is a contour mattress with a 7-inch high-quality encased innerspring coil. The coils are layered with foam from both sides. So it is reversible which provides versatility and extra comfort.

It needs to flip and rotate every 3 months for optimal performance and longevity.

Signature sleep has a soft knit fabric cover. It can be used on multiple surfaces including bunk beds, box spring beds, trundle beds, etc.

Classic Brands Cool Gel

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam...

  • Price Tag: Under $175.
  • Feel: Medium Firm.
  • Warranty: 10 years.

The memory foam has a gel technology that has gel particles infused to regulate the temperature. It helps to draw heat away and make your night comfier.

The memory gel foam also reduces pressure points and spinal alignment irrespective of your sleeping position.

It has a 2-inch gel memory foam and two one-inch layers of poly gel-supportive foam. The poly gels-supportive gel memory foam from both sides. The 6.5-inch support base layer provides the strength of all three layers.

The mattress cover has a knit top and charcoal gray knit sides for breathability. It has an excellent ability to cradle every contour of the body.

This advanced technology gel memory foam has more pores. It makes it more breathable than other conventional gel memory foam models. It is hypoallergenic which makes it resistant to dust mites, bacteria, and mold.

With lesser tossing and turning as a result of such a high-quality gel memory foam, you will have a deeper and restful sleep.

It is CertiPUR-US and comes with a 100-night trial. If you don’t like it in your trial period. Return it and you get a 100% refund without any questions asked.

Common FAQs related to Kid's Mattresses

  1. What is the best type of mattress for kids?

    An Innerspring pocketed coil mattress is best suited for children. The kid’s mattress goes through more rigorous wear and tear than an adult mattress so choosing the right mattress type is essential. Kids need to play and jump. They absorb the stress better and still provide better support to the spine. When choosing your mattress opt for natural and organic materials. Some common materials are bamboo, natural latex, cotton, etc. Synthetics attract allergens.

  2. Why you should buy a twin mattress for kids?

    We recommend a twin mattress. The obvious choice for most parents is a single bed. The child no more fits in a toddler bed. So a single bed is their choice. But the width of the single bed is not wide for a kid to sleep comfortably. If space is not an issue, you can opt for a full bed as well.

  3. Suggest the mattress firmness for my child?

    Medium-firm is best for a child as they are stomach sleepers. The mattress should be firm enough to support the spine. A soft mattress will not be able to support and provide restful quality sleep to a growing kid.

  4. What are the symptoms to look for if the present mattress is not good for a child?

    The child will not be able to express that he is not having a good night's sleep. You can look for symptoms like irritability and an increase in morning tantrums. The child may start having issues in school. There may be a lesser focus, and hyperactivity, and the child can be non-supportive in school.

Sleep Position & Mattress

It is well known that babies should sleep on their backs. When they become toddlers or cross that age, their sleeping position plays a role in the mattress and firmness they choose.

A fetal sleeping position is ideal since it keeps the body relaxed without exerting pressure on the shoulders and back.

There is a common misconception that plush soft mattresses are better for kids, but this is not the case. It is recommended that kids have a medium-firm feel in most positions.

When they sleep, they tend to change positions, so it is critical to choose the right firmness.

Lead Researcher & Certified Sleep Technician at SleepMattressHQ.

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